pizap.com13679837793961JUST IN : Reports have it that JOHN LLOYD CRUZ stormed into the teleserye set of girlfriend ANGELICA PANGANIBAN’s ‘Apoy Sa Dagat‘ and almost indulged in a fisticuff with the latter’s  costar DIETHER OCAMPO.  Allegedly , Angelica was in tears when during a scene , Deither hurled a flower vase at her which wounded her foot.  Bleeding profusely , she called her boyfriend to tell him that instead of a bag, Diether chose to throw the vase.  Perplexed with the matter, John Lloyd blindedly  took the issue as malicious and ran to his lovey-dovey’s rescue.  Cooler heads intervened and all is well when things were brought to a clearer point.  After all , it was just a scene and accidents are bound to happen. But then, this might be another publicity ploy to entice everyone to watch the show. TouchÉ!

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