If it holds water, then perhaps a gay person’s ultimate obsession is to have a twin! Why not? Wouldn’t it be wacky to confuse a neighborhood and take them for a fag-gy ride?  Months ago, I chanced upon STORYLINE on ANC a feature story on twin brothers with which one was a transvestite and utterly gay while the other was a regular guy.  They unravelled their rather unusual life together and the glitch that came with it.  Now, their story must have inspired blockbuster comedy director Wenn Deramas with Skylight Film’s ‘BROMANCE (My Brother’s Romance)’.  Zanjoe Marudo play twins ; one gay, one straight.  Nice seed story for a comedy but then you are suddenly reminded of’ ‘BALA AT LIPSTICK’, a Roderick Paulate late 80s starrer , where he also played both  twin separated at birth who led extreme opposing  lifestyles, one as a gangster and the other a screaming parlorista.  But this time, Deramas works on the usual compromise where at the verge of death , the gay twin requests that the guy twin take his place. Embellished with a multi-orgasmic technique of nonstop dose of slapstick and pretentious gags; expect to laugh and fart while the rest of you really wonder why this old wild world tolerate obscene thoughts of twins making out! ‘BROMANCE’ also stars Cristine Reyes and Joey Paras.

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