FangLaHeyHey! Espesyal : Blue Marlin Steak ‘Inato’ With A Twist!

Blue Marlin Steak Inato With a Twist!

Blue Marlin Steak Inato With a Twist!

I have this new addiction.  Shopping.  Not clothes or shoes but shopping for the freshest FISH! Quite lucky to have Ms. Simang as my favorite fishmonger as she always has some of the best catch of the day tucked away in some icebox exclusively waiting for me!  That and our loud conversation about life, love and sex. Yes, we have this moment of repartee where nearby vendors always anticipate when they see me  walk into the that sea-smelly section of Los Baños Junction Market.  Just this morning I was blessed with a kilo of Blue Marlin belly which she sold for 300 bucks (a little more for non-suki)!  Maya-maya another favorite also goes for that price.  It is actually easy to cook Blue Marlin steak as it follows the ‘Bistek‘ procedure but I do it with calamansi juice , not vinegar.  Prepare fish by skinning it off (she forgot!) and marinating it lightly with calamansi, salt and pepper.  After a while, fry it ‘malasado’ or just enough for a little browning but not stiff.  Set it aside and on the same pan, boil up to reduce your sauce composed of soy sauce (Kikkoman is my choice), more calamansi juice, water to dilute the sourness or saltiness a bit and some whisks of Worcestershire sauce.  Ring some white onions (love its crunchy sweetness).  When the sauce is reduced, you must ready to bed up a plate with boiled (not blanched) kangkong tops.  Arrange the fillet pieces on top of it ; garnish with the onion rings and  pour the sauce over them. The kangkong buffers any excessive shots of flavor from your sauce and compliments the fish big time! Dinner’s ready! Bon Appetit!

One comment on “FangLaHeyHey! Espesyal : Blue Marlin Steak ‘Inato’ With A Twist!

  1. genius! niluto ko ngayon! ang sarap nga ng kangkong sa fishsteak! dory po ginamit ko. yumyumyum! more fanglaheyhey po!

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