CHARICE PEMPENGCO : The Girl Has Turned Into A NEW Man!

pizap.com13678131173671I wish this to be a closure piece.  A two-cent of an issue that’s got to be laid to rest and left  to graciously decay out of our thoughts.  It is almost like an itch so deliciously tempting to scratch but when you do, the pain is unbearable.  This could mean the issue of CHARICE PEMPENGCO’s transvestism or her utter disdain with bashers and talks of her sexuality.  Enough … please, enough.  Let us just take her as a kink of our generation.  A mild case of confusion for us to all tolerate while it is tolerable.  After all, she is not being a threat to national security or a gargantuan monster out to eat the city of man!  Make her day by simply ignoring whatever pleases her personal self.  She is no longer a child and if she decides to be a carpet-eater then let her be.  If her music gives you this kind of high that retrieves all your lucid times (somewhere in your life) then buy them online for bawling out loud.  There is no point of meddling with her choices or what she wants to do with her sexuality; she made it to your consciousness then if you love or hate her let your consciousness decide.  From the looks of her (or him) now , the essence of the spirit is clearly masculine , therefore expect a hit from her when finally transposes Mary McGregor‘s hit song into ‘This Girl Has Turned Into A New Man“! Lastly, there is this running joke around her hometown that her name is now Charice Yokonasa Pengpengco … gross!

3 comments on “CHARICE PEMPENGCO : The Girl Has Turned Into A NEW Man!

  1. carpet eater? di ba uso ang mag pa wax doon? pag ni- wax kasi wa ng carpet. mas bonga walang sasabit sa ngipin o di kaya’y papasok sa ilong na magiging sanhi ng pag bahin. o di very smooth ang lafangan da ba?

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