kimchiuJust when you thought that everything is fine with KIM CHIU you are suddenly taken aback in a deluge of loose talk and shattered meandering that she still has to move on.  In an attempt perhaps to be ubiquitous and  pump up her popularity volume , she chooses to grant her rather bored public an alzheimeric moment to capitulate on the  fact that she has supposedly forgiven MAJA SALVADOR , her erstwhile bff .  Forgiven for what? Your inner righteous at the same breath, salaciously self may ask.   Then,  she continues to elaborate that the forgiveness is for flirting and eventually romancing her estranged boyfriend GERALD ANDERSON.  For crying out loud, just where is the point there? Life is a party and we all are entitled to ride on a merry-go-round; so, whats the big deal  if your best friend’s lips is kissing your ex?  It only boils into a sticky brew that perhaps Ms. Chiu is suffering from a syndrome I figure should be called Moronis Amoritis , an affliction often experienced by cretinous creatures who refuse to let go of the past and willfully exploit it for media mileage or publicity slant.  To remedy this , she should wake up early at around 3 in the morning, find a really hard wall and bang her head 5 times; 3 would be fine but an extra 2 may crack her skull a bit to let some foul air out  to eventually free her from bothering the rest of us happily attached to the walls of love!


  1. my! my! my! this kind of writing sets you apart from lesser wanna-bes or even established writers! your access to a distinct humor paired with sharped edged choice of words is truly what i always watch out for on aliwan avenue!

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