pizap.com13666836497961In a gullible state of the culture we all share, it is not impressive that some of us hopeless romantics are also incorrigible liars. This is a state when even coming face to face with truth, a film of filth co-exist with sick impressions.  Such is the latest game in town.  After supposedly, allegedly and the souring of relationships (deemed to be a complete machination of sorts) , a high profile government figure  (HPGF) is again floating in a raft of deceit by publicly appearing with  a woman.  Not just any Jane  who would easily be  a part of the woodwork but a familiar beauty titlist/tv star who suddenly sprints up to declare that it really wasn’t a date but a soiree between kindred spirits.  This is one game that has to played to breathe  a fog on a clear glass where the HPGF’s sexuality can turn pink without the litmus test. Word has it that he is indeed in a relationship with an actor now and that he is happy with how things are.  Shedding and spreading the cape is beyond question.  No amount of guts will validate a nerve to come out into the open and run through the sunset hand-in-hand with his actor lover who must have learned to reciprocate the love.  Buffering will merely paint a darker shade of confirmation but will never flutter the better judgement of people in the know! TOUCHÉ !

One comment on “GlaucomicCurve : PLAYING THE BUFFER GAME

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