pizap.com13663441545274With how things are painted up with MARIAN RIVERA, it all looks well to say that she is taking a lot of steps backward.  It isn’t really clear why all of a sudden her camp is showing signs that they concede to the fact that they cannot come into collision with hotter competition.  Her latest starrer, ‘MY LADY BOSS‘  scheduled to be shown sometime within the period of the JOHN LLOYD-SARAH starrer was unceremoniously postponed to who knows when.  Then, the October playdate of her self-produced ‘KUNG FU DIVAS’ which also stars AIAI DELAS ALAS was moved to December.  She is now being touted to be the undisputed ‘URONG’ or ‘BACK OUT’ queen, perhaps to save face and guard her investments but then that only shows that indeed her career is on top of a quicksand that a false move can plunge her down to oblivion! Touche!

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