SUNSHINE CRUZ : Too Late For Spring

fotocourtesy: FHMmag

fotocourtesy: FHMmag

While in a few months ago we were uncomfortably embraced by some nagging issue like infidelity to drum up yet, again, some politically financed indielikula now we have to contend with the dishabille of one of its major players.  Ogling at her photos now, we cannot seem to find logic why SUNSHINE CRUZ posed (again) for FHM. If she was shedding some skin off her old martyr self as she confessed ; why for show? Obviously, the poor girl is resorting to an age old tactic of assuring herself she is still marketable not just as an actress (if you can categorically call her that after watching  several of her shabby film exposures) but as live meat.  It is quite disturbing why after having had married, had some kids, publicly washing dirty linens; maturity would still be an elusive state.  In all honesty, exploiting a marital fiasco to gain sympathy then flirt for lust in a men’s magazine are only done by women who desperately need attention. Had she merely declared a comeback and a full fan mag coverage that could have done the trick, with some dignity to speak of still intact!

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