pizap.com13655801694191Whatevah. ‘Yon lang ang ibinuntonghininga ko when I got wind of a totally not-of-my-league-kinda-story about the mudrakels of superhot young actor who also sings but sound exactly like when you are making ebs and you find out you are constipating! Choz. Well, it so happened that she (sino fa kundi ze mudrakels!) tagged along sa kanyang junaks for a grand event of absurd proportion in the southern part of the largest island.  Natural lang na i-entertain siya ng governor to whom she got smitten (If ‘smitten’ is a soft word try ‘nilibugan’). Smitten since he was one powerful guy and she thought like since he was single like her, why not cook up some romance then she could become the queen of a province or something davah? So she literally threw herself at him at even made sure that everywhere he panned she would be within view! But after a while she got curious why he seemed to still be sweet and nice but not reciprocating her flirtatious moves. She sighed to one faggot around something to this effect : “Hmpft. Pasalamat nga siya at kahit mukha siyang kengkoy eh papatulan ko siya!” To which the fag replied: “Anak mo ang gusto nyan wiz ikaw mudrex!”  Oh, so after some digging the poor woman found out that everyone in the southern hemisphere of a cretinous consciousness that the man she thought would make hango to her from being a mediocre has-been-actress-in-the-shadow-of-her-son’s-phenomenal-popularity into a first lady of sorts crumbled like cheap cookies from a rat-infested bakery nearby was pink but not like her nipples. Choz!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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