Bigla mang naglaho sa local scene si JAJA BOLIVAR, hindi maaring tawaran ang mga nakatutuwa niyang eksena sa kanyang mga kinatampukang shows.  Ang nakatutuwa pa rin dyan ay naging kaklase ko sa Ateneo de Naga ang kanyang mother dear na si Lilian Ragrario-Bolivar.  Actually, may pinagmanahan si Jaja dahil super livewire at laging may kwentong kakawindang ang mommy nya during our time! Kasalukuyan siyang nasa Amerika ngayon… Remember JAJA? Pwes, heto at ginrab ko ang kanyang bio mula sa kanyang website (JAJA BOLIVAR):

Anjela Bolivar began life in the Bicol region of the Philippines, where she was raised by loving parents whom she would spend her life pushing to the brink of insanity with her antics. A year after her birth, the beloved exiled Filipino opposition leader Ninoy Aquino was assassinated upon returning to his homeland. In the wake of his death, a new antiestablishment rallying cry reverberated in the streets and the news: “JAJA! Justice for Aquino, Justice for All! JAJA!” It was Anjela’s first word. And it stuck.

 Regularly teased for her darker complexion as a child, young Jaja soon gained another nickname: “negra.” But it didn’t stick. Fundamentally hell-bent on defying categorization, Jaja was easily bored and ever-rebellious. At an all-girl Catholic high school run by nuns, she was class president and class clown, regularly waltzing to the front of the class to mimic the nuns to her classmates’ delight – her first taste of being an entertainer, but her attention ping-ponged like a supercharged atomic particle: glee club choir; debate society; thespian club; and in her advice column she was as inventively convincing with making up problems as she was with making up solutions. She lost the national oratorical championship, but when she returned home she had her wiry hair straightened and discovered that self-reinvention made her far happier than any conventional success ever could. She graduated salutatorianand continued swirling the hijinks and accolades when she attended the University of the Philippines Diliman. In a performing arts group there Jaja found fertile soil. She graduated cum laude and a major fag hag.

 She began her career in entertainment, finding success on the primetime satirical news show Wazzup Wazzup.  As a headline correspondent there she birthed Kikiam Defensor — a feisty, intellectual caricature of the revered matriarch of Filipino politics, Senator Miriam Defensor. Kikiam interviewed newsmakers, celebrities, politicians, radical political activists, rural prostitutes, public school teachers, and all manner of Filipinos – including Manny Pacquiao, Senator Defensor herself , and then-President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Along the way, Jaja created another popular alter ego: Wander K. Part superhero, part ball-buster, Wander K visited local police precincts in the middle of the night to jovially interview small-time criminals as they were booked into jail.

 Jaja would appear in commercials for an array of products from diapers to pizza, dishwashing liquid to a celebrity gossip magazine. She found herself hosting a show business magazine show and a youth-oriented civic debate show, as well as appearing inmainstream romantic comedy and an award-winning independent film. In Kubrador, Jaja played a young woman who marries an American and leaves her home country — it was her last role in the Philippines before she herself ventured to America.

 In the U.S., she has been an original host of Adobo Nation, an award-winning lifestyle magazine television show that airs globally on The Filipino Channel and was recently featured in a 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser Black Crown.

She lives in Los Angeles, but remains a total ​sakit sa ulo.

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