fotocourtesy: Tumbler

fotocourtesy: Tumbler

She had it bigtime coming.  At the onset of her hiring as one of the co-hosts of Willie Revillame‘s show, she was sternly warned against her being a pasaway.  It was made clear that her being there was one of the last chances given to  a controversial comedy bar loonie such as she. But did she heed to the advise? Nope.  She hasn’t been seen for two days now and the main reason was not to be guessed anymore.  Apparently, at the show’s rehearsal;  Revillame took notice that she was practicing a show that was not quite popular and suggested that she found a more familiar tune to perform. Booba resisted and made some snideys making the mercuric main man slam on her face some words to this effect : “Ikaw na Booba ang magpatakbo ng show!’  Afterwhich, the dugyotic sexy comedienne reacted and declared a pack up for her face!  Is this reparable or will she return to oblivion she has called home for the longest time?  Well, it seems that Booba made amends and promised for the endless time that she will toe the line that Willie has set for it because as of today February 26 she IS back on the show. For how long she can keep her wits about is hers to reckon with! Choz.


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