Ilang taon na ba si Ricky Lo? Siya ‘yong pasweet na matandang bading na cohost sa STARTALK. Isa rin siyang batikang entertainment writer na respetado sa industrya.  Matagal ko na ring napapansing medyo hirap siyang mag-interbyu sa ingles (at kahit nga sa tagalog) dahil parang nadadapa siya lagi sa kanyang pananalita. Matatas naman siya sa panulat nguni’t iba na rin ang verbal journalism komo nakikita ka at naririnig on real time. Noong isang taon ay ininterbyu niya si ANNE HATHAWAY para sa pelikulang LES MISERABLES at doon ay malinaw na mukhang may early signs of dementia na si Lo sa tema ng kanyang pananalita at pagtatanung. Obyus na nainis ang hollywood actress kung kaya’t dinumog ang video nito sa YouTube ng mga di-kaigaigayang komento tulad ng:

Mula kay 3N20: ‘…considering sa local showbiz sobrang revered yan si rocky le as one of the best chuva chenes. makes you wonder what kind of standard the local showbiz media has. NONE! Baboy ang showbiz media ng Pinas.’

NeedNotToKnow54: I cringed a lot while watching this video. I seriously think Anne Hathaway was pissed although she did manage to be polite throughout the interview. If you’ve watched other interviews of her, she didn’t really like it if she’s being asked about how she lost weight, etc. Ricky Lo’s questions always end up about Anne and Lea Salonga which of course are not about the film itself. It’s really embarrassing that he asked Anne to give a message to Lea. What was the point? They are not the same Fantine.

EthenBermudes :  I’m a proud Filipino: I just don’t know what the hell happened here. 1. The interview has wrong questions thrown at the wrong time (if they should be thrown at all) 2. Mr. Lo couldn’t help comparing Anne with Lea Salonga 3. It’s a bit personal for anybody to ask if they came from rags (sa Pilipinas lang uso ang galing sa hirap tapos sumikat) 4. Anne was at her modest(est) attitude not minding the mispronounced words but you can’t blame her if you insisted in getting into her nerves. 5. VERY well deserved. Rank down. Sir, know your areas of opportunities, start with how you speak English! Sorry po observations lang. =)

IronHeart73: It is obvious this guy didnt do his homework. He could not ask one insightful question about the film itself. I will bet my rent money, he didnt even bother to read the novel or watch the musical in full. All he can manage to do is fish for some praises to Lea Salonga so that hed have an excuse to write about how awesome filipinos are. Really done in poor taste.

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