After being here and there and countless tv appearances in drag, BB GANDANGHARI , the reinvented Rustom Padilla remains to be a man.  This, after he flew in from a respite in the big apple to get away from the hurly-burly metroscape where his brother Robin suddenly became a reluctant  homophobic because of him.  The whole caboodle of having to deal with the importance of sexuality rather than being human is afterall a great factor between siblings.  At least perhaps if BB chopped off his birdie and had some Thai doctor fashion a venus flytrap as his hoohoo, then ; his being a he transformed into a she might be rather acceptable, don’t you think, Mariel? Maybe. And maybe not.  There still lies a whole world of matter to deal with when undergoing a transexual operation.  It is being said that its  merely mutilating one’s body for nothing.  For nothing, since while it  represents a feminine sexuality ; its essence does  not.  A man can never be a woman and vice versa.  Women experience a beautiful transformation from girlhood and motherhood, not to mention the mythical multiple orgasm which transexuals only fantasize about.  Mutilated men as they are referred to by bigots, are merely for show.  Transgenders who have breast implants are mere carnival figures who bear the burden of a frontal luggage for aesthetic purposes. But then, that is their problem. Girlie men should respect their sexuality more than anything else for reasons that go further into the psychological frontiers of their personality. It is said that 99% of transexuals regret the procedure. Maintenance of their holes is a story on its own. Imagine, if you just let it be, it heals by itself and closes up on you! Gosh! But then, masochism is a very personal perverted choice so let just BB GANDANGHARI do whatever pleases him as long as it appears to make him happier than being the  man that he once was!


  1. d2 nGah poh samin sa molino me baklang ang laki ng suso kawawa nga tingnan parang me aids utol daw ata ng isang matandang artista

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