For an actor to continue getting meatier roles whether parts are big or small is undoubtedly a fine testament to an actor’s talent. This is what happened to Richard Quan last year.
Three of his most prominent roles include becoming Lapu- Lapu, the central figure in a family drama about single fatherhood, and principal actor in a much-talked about short love story set during the war, – three of his most prominent roles
            “When I did Lapu-Lapu, it was the closest thing to being part of an epic,” Quan shares. “It was an overwhelming experience because emotionally, you must feel that you are the hero. Ir was such was such a big production so you really want to give the best sa mga ginagawa mo,” the actor adds.
            Continuing, “Masarap maging hero because you are given a certain responsibility to portray him well, to make him not only flesh and blood, but to give him the soul that he deserves. When I became Lapu-Lapu, I felt that nabubuhay lalo yung pagmamahal ko bansa natin, mas umigting yung yabang ko bilangh Filipino, and the learning that you gained from the experience of being a hero, is very enriching.”
His work for the Net25 family drama “Five Girls and a Dad” broadened his appreciation of the lead actor’s responsibilities.
“Doing Enzo Legaspi was an eye opener for me,” Richard states. “My hats off to all the actors and actresses who do title roles! The load they carry is not trouble free. The expectations are high and there are so many things that you have to consider, most especially the attention, lahat nasa iyo.”Quan quips with a wry smile.
.He carries on, “Our main objective was to impart values through the show and I think we were able to achieve that. We received a lot of positive feed back. . It’s a drama comedy with real life issues filled with complex and colorful characters, My role, Enzo was the most complex of them all because he presents a different side of him to each daughter. There were days that he must be a friend, a brother, and then a father, and he also shared emotionally dynamic relationships with the other pivotal characters in the drama. It was tough at times, daunting even, but I am thankful that I was able to play him, and I think, I was able to portray him well.”
            The short film with Angel Aquino for an insurance company was another major achievement for Quan.
“Angel was the big factor why the short film throbbed with so much love and on-screen magic. You know, when you work with a good actor, it seems that you are doing a well-choreographed dance. hindi siya mahirap. Hindi siya pilit,” Richard enthuses.
He further shares, “Honestly, the chemistry that we shared did not surprise because I think we were in sync,Yung bigayan, yung commitment, it was an honest-to-goodness-give-and-take occurrence which the camera captured. And it helped a lot that she’s very beautiful.  Napakaganda ng ugali niya, ang gaan-gaan ka-trabaho, a very giving actress.”
Now that this New Year has officially rolled, Quan hopes, “Looking forward to do all sorts of every day men characters. It is still very fulfilling. Whether the project is for mainstream TV or cinema or even for independent films, it does not matter. What matters to me is that I do things with a lot of sincerity, and with a lot of passion. Acting is one of my life’s greatest passions and I am fully committed to it. God willing, I pray that I do the most number of roles which I find interesting, or even intriguing.”
The actor ends, “2013 is going to be a great year, not only for me but for all of us.  I hope that people continue to watch the soaps that I am in and that they get excited with my forthcoming film projects. Thank you for all your love. Stay happy!”

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