snakeFrom the web, here are some interesting notes on the Snake and the Chinese Calendar’s  Year of The Snake :Chinese said the dragon fell down from the sky and then became a snake. Therefore, the snake is also called a little dragon. Just like the dragon, the snake doesn’t like people seeing its body. So people think snake is sly, clam, quiet, lonely and humble animal. Snake attacks other animal only when it’s hungry. If we keep the distance from it, snake won’t hurt people. Snake has the ability to swallow an animal bigger than its size. So we cannot underestimate snake’s ambitious. Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Chinese treat that spitting tongue as a sign of argument. Actually, Snake uses its tongue to smell. But in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake implies the potential trouble of libel, dispute or slander, especially, when it meets Tiger or Monkey.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Snake is in the Fire group. But it also contains Earth and Metal. When it meets Chicken and Cow, then Snake brings up strong Metal’s characteristic. When it meets Horse and Sheep, then it will emphasize the Fire’s characteristic. 2013 is the year of Black Snake. Black is in the Water group of Five Elements (Meta, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth). Therefore we also can say 2013 is a Water Snake year. Snake is Fire and it’s under Water in 2013. The Fire of Snake in the Water shouldn’t bring up big trouble or big fortune to most of people. But Fire and Water will be the biggest factors to determine people’s fortune in 2013. The Chinese Five Element astrology page is at 2013 Chinese Horoscope – The Year of Black Snake. The following prediction for 2013 Snake year is based on your birth year, the Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese Zodiac uses 12 animal signs to predict people’s fortune. The twelve animals are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are determined by people’s birth year. Most of Internet Chinese horoscope sites use Chinese New Year Day to determine the Chinese zodiac sign, which is wrong.

The first day of the Chinese astrological year is the first day of the Tiger Month (Start of Spring). The Tiger Month begins around February 4, each year. If you were born before February 4, then you should check Your Chinese Zodiac Sign first before reading your 2013 Chinese zodiac. The simplest way to prove Chinese zodiac signs not determined by Chinese New Year days is to see your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart using your birthday and birth time.

Besides using astrology animal signs and basic fighting and attraction relationships, Chinese zodiac also uses Chinese astrology constellations, which refers to the way ancient Chinese grouped the stars in the sky to predict the coming fortune. More than 100 stars are used in the Chinese zodiac. There are about 60 commonly used ones. Each star has a different characteristic. Basically, they can be divided into Lucky Stars and Unlucky Stars, which are the major factors to predict people good or bad luck in the coming year.

Since the prediction of Chinese Zodiac is based on Chinese constellations, which are different from modern constellations, many positions of stars today have moved far away from Chinese ancient time’s positions. That means some predictions on some stars are losing accuracy. Around Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese astrology moved the center point of the sky to the Sun to develop new prediction system without using any distant stars. Since that time, the Chinese astrology prediction began to use the zodiac sign of people’s Birth DAY to represent the person. (Chinese use same Chinese character for day and sun.) This chance made a breakthrough into a higher prediction accuracy. More than 2000 years later, today Chinese professional astrologers keep using the same theory to tell people’s fortune.

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