Isang trahedya nang matatawag ang mabagsakan ng halos isang daang kilong kinonkretong bato ang iyong bahay mula sa isang itinatayong building ! Ito ang nangyari sa tahanan ng mga Pineda noong linggo nang mawarak ang kanilang bubong sa pagbagsak ng isang tipak ng konkreto mula sa ginagawa pang WILTOWER!  Nakapagtatakang wala gasinong balita ukol rito lalo na mula sa kalapit na ABSCBN .  Narito ang kwento mula kay Mon Tulfo sa kanyang Inquirer column : Building contractor Mega Stonerich Corp. almost turned the house of my friend Peyo Pineda into a cold tombstone Sunday, three days after All Saints’ Day. A cement slab weighing about 100 kilograms fell on Peyo’s house from Wil Tower, which is undergoing construction on Eugenio Lopez Drive—where the country’s biggest network ABS-CBN is located—in Quezon City. The debris went through Pineda’s roof and fell into the bedroom of his son Gino. Luckily, Gino was not in his room. Pineda’s wife, Susie, recuperating from cancer surgery, was still in a state of shock as this column was being written on Monday. Even the usually stoic Pineda was shaken by the incident.

*                             *                          *

Peyo and Susie couldn’t understand why Sunday’s incident still happened after they had complained about Metro Stonerich’s apparent disregard of safety measures in the past. The Pinedas had complained to this writer—their complaint saw print in this space on October 16—that debris and human feces fell on their roof from Wil Tower. Metro Stonerich president Bong Nuno went to the Pinedas the day the item in this column appeared. Nuno said some of his construction workers were probably quite careless in doing their job, and that he would address the problem.(Perhaps, the workers are disgruntled and that’s why they throw a lot of stuff around, including garbage)

*                             *                          *

This incident does not speak well of a construction firm that made its name building and refurbishing big malls in Metro Manila.It certainly does not speak well of Nuno, whose mother, Zamboanga City Councilor Lilia Nuno, is running for the city’s congressional post. The accident speaks volumes about the inefficiency of a Quezon City building official, Isagani Versoza, and of course, his boss, Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista. I tried to call Versoza on Monday to report the incident to no avail. The staff in his office said he was out and didn’t want to be disturbed. Somebody at City Hall told me Versoza had plenty of “extra-curricular activities,” whatever that means. That’s probably the reason he could not be disturbed.

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