Last year saw a new face. A new chunk of excitement who played lead in Vince Tan’s ‘PRIVATE NIGHTS’.  He soon became public. His name all over the net and the digitheaters , he made a mark. His name ? JAMES PINCA. Svelte and hunky in all the right places and starred in another flick called ‘LARO’… then silence.  Its either he went back to school , tended the family business or merely chilled away from the limelight. But then of late, a guy named JONAS PINCA  joined MANILA’S ULTIMATE HUNKS 2012 pageant  and figured as the pageant’s 3rd runner up.  Undeniably it was James all over again. Yes, James’ real name is Jonas.  For whatever reason he holds for bringing out his real name is all his to keep.  We can just sit away and let him for he is such a sweet guy who deserves whatever his heart desires…

Jonas Pinca aka James Pinca , 3rd RunnerUp MANILA’S ULTIMATE HUNKS 2012 (foto courtesy : Shobi Dionela)


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