CHRIS: Early 20’s to early 30’s. A young, somewhat tormented G.I. All-American leading man with presence and depth. Although he has been a soldier for a while, he still has hope and a sense of optimism. Struggling to find himself. Pop tenor.

…KIM: 20’s to play younger. Vietnamese. Kim is pretty and naïve. Strong-willed. Youthful, but must have a strong presence. Mezzo soprano.

ENGINEER: 20’s to 45. Half Vietnamese and half French. A wheeler-dealer salesman. Slightly sleazy, but likable. Struggling like everyone else. He does what he can to survive. High Baritone.

JOHN: 20’s to early 30’s. Open to all ethnicities. Strong in body and in character. Experienced soldier. Chris’ best friend. A G.I. who later becomes an activist. Pop Tenor.

THUY: 25- early 30’s. Asian. Company man. Strong. Determined military leader promised to Kim. Thuy tries to do the right thing at first, but makes some wrong turns throughout the course of his life. Pop Tenor.

ELLEN: 25-30. Chris’ sensible American wife. Pretty. Smart. Professional. Empathetic. Mezzo-Soprano.

GIGI: 25-35. Asian. Although her beauty may be fading a bit, she is still sexy. There’s a bite and an edge to her. Tough. A realist. Pragmatic. Moves well. Mezzo Soprano.

TAM: 5-6 years old to play younger (written as 3 years old). Must be no taller than 42”. (PLEASE INCLUDE HEIGHT IN SUBMISSION) Male, but could also be a female to play male. Kim’s son. NON SINGING.

ENSEMBLE MEN: 20-late 30’s. Open to all ethnicities. Physically strong men to play soldiers and various character roles. Athletic style dance. This group will be a mix of movers and dancers. Character types okay. Must sing well.

ENSEMBLE WOMEN: 20-35. Asian. To play multiple roles. Sexy and attractive. Trained dancers. Burlesque style. Must sing well.

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