THE FABULOUS WONDER GAYS! (fotocourtesy: Alex Datu)

I will always remember that wonderful day at the shoot of Neal Tan’s I LOVE YOU PARE KO because of the WONDER GAYS! Supermega to the max harutan ang naganap and halos not a single moment na walang halakhakang umeecho sa Holy Cross.  Naging instant friends ko sila dahil wala silang ka-ere-ere kahit na hanggang kisame na ang kasikatan nila! Then, this : a TRIPLE recognition  from the PMPC AWARDS FOR MUSIC : NOVELTY ALBUM (BLIND ITEM), NOVELTY SONG OF THE YEAR (BLIND ITEM) AND NOVELTY ARTIST OF THE YEAR. CONGRATULATIONS WONDER GAYS! Miss you all na! Mwah!

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