MARK MABASA : Victim Of A Midget Lesbian’s Grudge?

MARK MABASA must be enjoying his sudden surge to fame after an uproar, albeit , outrage pushed him right into the center of a controversy when he was edged out of ABS2’s franchise-acquired “X-FACTOR”. Frankly, the show does not appeal to me since the said network has been known to have biased decisions on their reality shows results in the past.  So, why bother. Then , this. Bosom friend 80s actress LIZ ALINDOGAN literally pestered me with her indignation regarding MARK’s dismissal.  She angrily points that Charice Pempengco held some grudge to the upstart’s mentor Ms. Pilita Corrales when the later seemingly ‘bashed’ one of Pempengco’s  in the last week.  Mark was on the bottom two together with Gary Valenciano’s group.  Naturally Gary said ‘No’ to Mark, Two ‘YES’ votes courtesy of Martin Nievera and of course Ms. Corrales; then a big ‘NO’ from the lesbianic twang-infested Pempengco. A lot of viewers do not categorically accept the decision but it seems that it is already final. MARK MABASA is OUT.  But the implications do not look good, especially that people who raved for Mark are openly bashing Pempengco calling her names and belittling her as if she were not that small!  Earlier, there was also an outrage when another contestant didn’t make it the magic circle but a ‘tuko’ looking guy did. Oh, well… MARK MABASA is surely going be a big thing in the very near future especially with his talent and suave stage presence… he just doesn’t have the X on the Factor , but in my and Liz Alindogan’s book, he is THE X – FACTOR!

One comment on “MARK MABASA : Victim Of A Midget Lesbian’s Grudge?

  1. Bakit kasi nilagay si Charice PEKPEKNYA sa show na yan, di naman sya galing sa isang talent show, in fact wala syang talent! ang tanga ng naka isip nyan!

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