My suspicion that SHARON CUNETA is suffering from a severe case of SSA or SabikSaAtensyon Sydrome has just been confirmed. Of late in her twitter account she has been tearfully bashing some of her relatives allegedly for bad mouthing her mother. Well, it so happened that the whole of the southern hemisphere of escabechehan county are pretty much aware that she is an illegitimate child of Mayor Pablo Cuneta and the best that a schooled lady should do is face her detractors IN PERSON and not through social media networks.  She has been degrading herself with every eenie-weenie issue that can be dealt with grace and a hint of class by mature and balanced people.  Cuneta is manifesting sociopathic swings that should not be taken lightly. Let us all be aware that she is a media product and sometimes some of these are spoiled beyond consumption. Narito ang balitang ‘yan mula sa ABANTE July 18 issue : Sumabog na ang galit ni megastar Sharon Cuneta sa kanyang mga kaanak, kung saan mismong sa Twitter ito naglabas ng sama ng loob. “Wow, sorry to vent. High na my BP. Feeding frenzy going on. Buhay pa my mommy, dami nang vultures! Iba talaga ibang tao pagdating sa pera. Lumalabas ang kakapalan ng mukha ng mga tao. Kahit pa — o lalo pa — ‘pag kadugo mo. Wala na nga kami minana, inuubos pa mama ko. BAHALA NA ANG DIYOS SA INYO!” ayon kay Sharon sa kanyang tweet. Dire-diretso ang mga maaanghang na pahayag ni Sharon sa kanyang mga kaanak, ngunit hindi naman nito tinukoy kung sino sa mga ito ang kanyang tinatawag na mga buwitre. Binigyang-diin ng megastar na ang kanyang concern sa kasalukuyan ay ang kanyang ina. “Basta ako Cuneta ang apellido ko. Actually, I am MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER. And at this very moment I am feeling like Michael Corleone of the Godfather! Grrr!” dagdag pa nito. Nagpahayag din ng kagustuhan si Sharon na “maglayas” kapag malaki na umano ang mga anak nito. “I am tired,” katwiran ni Sharon. Sa kanya pang tweet, nanawagan ito sa kanyang kaibigang si Anna Perez at sinabing “wish you were here to comfort me, hold me back when I see no­thing but red and pull my gun out.” Mabilis namang sinu­portahan ni KC Concepcion ang kanyang ina at sinabing “Aww di mo na napigilan ang sarili mo mommeyh ko… Everything will be okay. Lift it up & smile because you’re not alone!” ani KC.


  1. Kahit naman sino if in Sharon’s shoes and your parent is being attacked, you’d lose your cool and get mad. Well what is twitter for if you cant say what you want to say there. The actress’ case is not SSA, as the article would have it. It’s just being HUMAN. Because actresses like her is HUMAN also. They get hurt and sometimes get MAD. eKLAvUMER replied : That is exactly the point. If she were not SABIK SA ATENSYON, she would have confronted those who she alledged made attacks to her family and NOT exploit social media nets in order to commit sympathy. of course she is human but with her stature she definitely should not stoop too low and droop down her weight for laughs.

  2. Besides, Sharon has nothing else to prove to crave for everyone’s attention. She’s a MEGA STAR already, remember? eKLAvUMER replied : She was formerly a MEGA STAR now she is better known as the NEGA STAR. CRETIN.

  3. Hahah,. Yung nagsulat ng article na Ito ang may SSA,. Judgmental talaga,. All knowing.
    eKLAVUMER replied : Sino ba ang nagpapakavulnerable for criticism? Sino ba ang maya’t maya ay umaanabellerame sa twitter? Sino ba ang dapat ay nagpapalaganap ng tamang pagtanggap sa mga batikos bilang isang artista? SINO?????

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