Her name is now oh-s0-familiar after having done a tw0-giant-network gig recently. MERCEDES CABRAL , dearly referred to by her fans as ‘Giana’ (her character in ABS2’s PHR ‘HIYAS’) may be in a state we may call an all-time high.  Dusky and olive skinned , her persona radiates subtle excitement isolating her from the rest of a common group of actresses in her generation.  Her filmography is impressive. She was in almost every other indie film in the past and grabbed a lot of attention in ‘SERBIS’.  Of late, she still is at it and her latest ‘IMIK’ will be shown at the Cinemalaya 2012 Film Festival. At this year’s FHM‘s SEXIESTS, she ranks at #76 , and that just might jump higher next year now that she’s getting a lot of buzz.  Meeting her in person last Tuesday together with her manager Shandii Bacolod, I was simply mesmerized with her simplicity and unshowbiz-y sweetness.  Mercedes Cabral is everywhere now… on tv, print, and of course movies and that can only mean one thing : she is never out of season!

MSB CEO Shandii Bacolod, Xixi Maturan and MERCEDES CABRAL


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