XIXI MATURAN : ON LOVE AND LIFE, Thoughts on a Somber Tuesday…

XIXI MATURAN amidst all the noise and haste has always been kept calm with his love for life.  After having been catatonic for almost 20 years he woke up suddenly into the indie scene last 2010 doing a cameo role on Archie del Mundo‘s “TAKSIKAB” . ” Direk Archie is oxygen to me. He gave me my old glorious self a new lease  ; and suddenly things started to reanimate”. Subsequently Xixi did Vince Tan’s ‘Private Nights’ , a cameo  in Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez’  most awarded film in the recent  Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival in Davao: “Mga Kidnaper ni Ronnie Lazaro” and reunited with Archie del Mundo in “Ang Misis Ni Meyor”.  The 56 year old former broadcaster now blogger star is getting ready to do a ‘poignant’ role also in del Mundo’s first international film outing entitled “Goodnight Sweet Prince” (Paalam Mahal Na Prinsipe); and again with Vince Tan in a still untitled film  to be shot next month.   “Life is not a three-ring circus ; for me, it is as a matter of fact the main meat of my existence, because without it there won’t be someone like me trying hard to make as much cameos or character roles… I find doing indie films an intimate act of the make-believe craft.”  Finding heaven in some obscure bucolic location somewhere between the hills of Mt. Makiling  has made Xixi closer to himself than anyone else. Does this mean a ‘zero’ lovelife? “Love will always be there.  It never left since the day I found it… even if I am already taken I still have lots of suitors!” So , how is his relationship with some Russian? “I am now happy with someone of my own race!”  Aside from acting, Xixi is also open for intimate shows, singing standard jazzy songs and classy jokes. “What I offer is something they won’t find in comedy bars, that’s why I am often booked for private parties of the very rich in some secluded location lesser mortals  only dream about.”  Then there is this thing called ‘Destiny Reading’ : ‘I charge 5k per session and thats all I can say about it.”

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