Nakakakilig pagmasdang ang ngiti ng baguhang si JAY ENRIQUEZ.  Fresh na fresh ang dating at parang exciting na makatalamitam sa isang tabi tungkol sa buhay-buhay.  Malalim din kasi siyang tumingin at halatang focused siya sa anumang pasuking pakikipagsapalaran sa buhay.  Still in his early 20s at graduate sa isang aviation course,  malamang na pinasok niya ang mundo ng indie not just for the heck of it kundi dahil nararamdaman niyang at home siya sa pag-arte sa harap ng kamera!  Big break niya ang pelikulang ‘ADAM’S APPLE , KAKAGAT KA BA?” ni Hans Salazar, pink-themed siya syempre as the title suggests but then we could be up for surprises! Abangan!

Para mas lalong matakam heto ang synopsis ng  ADAM’S APPLE KAKAGAT KA BA?
Sherman (Jay Enriquez) and Jigs (Iman Rivera) are a couple for three years. But as it turns out both of them are TOP. Jigs is getting bored of not having to have sex with his partner Sherman. Jigs asks Sherman to bottom for him but Sherman does not want to. Jigs then brings up a conversation if having a threesome is acceptable for Sherman. Sherman is not pleased with the idea at all and avoids the topic altogether.

Sherman is the breadwinner working at a clothing department store, while Jigs is dreaming to have a job abroad but Jigs has difficulty acquiring a Visa. The couple have a housemate LYN (Jessica Ruiz) whose boyfriend is JOEL (Jeff Luna). Joel often visits Lyn at home and Sherman often catches the couple in sexual encounters. This leads of Sherman having sexual attractions for Joel.

Kiko (Reijan Reinoso) is a High School student who recently becomes a new neighbor of Sherman and Jigs. Jigs becomes acquainted to Kiko and suddenly became friends. As Sherman goes home from work, Jigs introduces Kiko to Sherman. Kiko upon seeing Sherman suddenly developed feelings for him.

Jigs notices Kiko’s attraction to Sherman. So Jigs asks Sherman in private, if Kiko will be okay as their threesome partner, Sherman is indifferent as he doesn’t respond. Jigs sees this as a good opportunity for the deed.

Kiko makes his moves on Sherman by visiting Sherman’s home as often as possible. Kiko plays Playstation 3 with Jigs, brings food for the couple and even hangs out for night out drinks.

One night after a round of drinks, Sherman is wasted. Jigs makes Kiko touch Sherman and a threesome happens between the three.

Jigs still wants to have sex with Kiko, Sherman doesn’t want to and Kiko will still do anything even offer his body to Jigs just to be with Sherman.

Tensions rise and the plot thickens. Where will the relationship of Jigs and Sherman go? Twists and turns happen for the couple, there is even police involvement, drugs, jealousy, pride and even to the point Jigs devices a plan to lure Joel to Sherman.

Find out all these twists and how will they all fit on June 20, 2012. Robinson’s Galleria, Remar Cubao, Roben Recto and Isetann Recto.

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