Obviously, ageing actor and not-so-funny VIC SOTTO is at his best again scoping the attention of lesser mortals to his being the living Lothario of the industry.  He has in the past a string of women beaded into his name and donated sperm to some of them for a child or two.  He is such a hottie that almost every wide-eyed upstart beauty would love to have him woe them to his lair for a pleasurable but definitely sinful relationship.  Nobody is judging here. Its just that, what should be a private , such as sexual affairs should be kept as that especially that he too muddled up with the masses.  Kids might think it cool to be having more that just one partner, totally regressing the moral stature of our society.  This time, two young girls with what we might call exploitative habits are attached to his name.  Pauleen Luna, just keeps mum about Sotto’s amorous intent while Niña Jose outrightly declares that she is being courted by the ‘bossing’ (a sick, patronizing namecall I should say!).  Well, let him be. For all we know he is merely ‘reminiscing’ is lost vigor and deteriorating stamina!  Go, Go, Go!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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