2011 Top Twenty Independent Artists Announced

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Donna Villanueva REPORTS : We are the group of young filmmakers from different colleges and universities, we firmly believe that independent filmmaking is a great way for an actor or filmmaker to develop his or her style and abilities and it’s not about a paycheck. Our group did comprehensive research about our Top Twenty lists of independent artists aged 18 to 40 years old (10 males & 10 females) that are ubiquitous figure in Philippine independent cinema.

Our top lists of Independent actors were a mixed batch composed of mainstream/character actors and theater thespians. We accord cinema and television the same respect and rigor as we do theater. These are not just entertainment but are art forms as well. Only when we begin to treat actors as artists can we demand from them to perform with artistry. We treat movie and television actors the same way we do our theater actors.

We would like to acknowledge the following Actors who have contributed
to the independent film for the past years;

Ms. Gloria Romero,Ms. Anita Linda, Boots Anson Roa, Barbara Perez, Caridad Sanchez, Maricel Soriano,Cherrie Gil, ,Gina Alajar, Gina Pareño, Daria Ramirez, Cherrie Pie Picache, Jacklyn Jose, Rio Locsin, Tessie Thomas, Susan Africa, Elizabeth Oropesa, Chin Chin Guttirez, Mylene Dizon, Agot Isidro,Ma. Isabel Lopez, Ama Quiambao, Irma Adlawan, Shamaine Buencamino, Ermie Concepcion, Anggie Ferro,Malou Crisologo, Flor Salanga, Lui Manansala, Mailes Kanapi, Kimberly Diaz, Ara Mina, Gissele Sanchez, Julia Clarete, Karylle, Monica Llamas, ,Joanne Miller,Ynez Veneracion, Liza Dino, Johnny Manahan, Johnny Delgado, Robin Padilla, Cesar Montano, Michael V.,Robert Arevalo, Jaime Fabregas , Michael de Mesa, Dick Israel, Albert Martinez, Bembol Roco, Joel Torre, Ricky Davao, Mark Gil, Pen Medina, Gary Valenciano, Nonie Buencamino, Ronnie Lazaro, Rez Cortez, Robert Sena,Garry Lim, Gardo Versosa, Raymund Bagatsing,John Arcilla, Julio Diaz, Allan Paule, Emilio Garcia, Richard Quan, TJ Trinidad, Ryan Eigenmann, Lou Veloso, Archie Adamos, Soliman Cruz, Bodjie Pascua, Dido de La Paz, Fonz Desa, Andoy Ranay,Crispin Pineda, Nor Domingo, Joe Gruta, Jojit Lorenzo, Jake Macapagal, Perry Dizon, Jess Evardone, Mario Magalona, Ketchup Eusebio, Jiro Manio, T.J Trinidad,Simon Ibarra, Carlo Maceda, Christian Vasquez,Nathan,Lopez, Rollie Inocencio, Richard Quan, Mon Confiado, Lito Caliso and Eddie Garcia.

Our 2011 Top Twenty Independent Artists

In Alphabetical Order:

1.Aguilos Kalila
Independent Short/ Full Length Film (2010):
Emir (2010)
Mainstream Films:
Temptation Island (2011), In the Name of Love (2011)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Inang yaya (2006), Ligalig (2006), Sinungaling na Buwan (2007), Haw-Ang (2007), ), Death in the Land of the Encantos (2007) FROU FROU, Shhhh!….’Wag Mong Sabihin Kay Itay’ (2008), Ang beerhouse (2009), Last Supper No.3 (2009)

TV Series:
“Lobo” (2008),”Sana’y wala ng wakas” (2003), “Kay tagal kang hinintay” (2002), Nasaan ka, Elisa? (2011), Good Vibes (2011), Imortal(2011), Juanita Banana

Kalila was a part of Tanghalang Pilipino’s Zsazsa Zaturnah (ZeMuzical) as antagonist, Ang Mga Huwad as Carmen Villa, Queen Femina
Suarestellar Baroux, played Madame Jeanne Forestier in Tanghalan at Obra’s musical adaptation, The Necklace and the Bride in theInternational Theatre Institute Congress presentation of BloodWeeding. Other theater credits include Troyanas, Middle of the
Silence, Paglayang minamahal, Ang Pagpatay Kay Luna, Dularawang Pating, Aguinaldo: 1898, Ulilang Tahanan, El Filibusterismo; Likhaan’s, Noli me Tangere, Magnificat and Disyembre. Kalila is also a costume designer, singer, painter & graphic designer. She played lead in Emir.She is the present president of Philippine Theater Actor Guild (TAG) organization.

2.Bayani, Angeli
Independent Short/ Full Length Film(2011):
Lola (2010), Bahay Bata (2011), Muli (2010), Presa (2010), Chasis(2010), Pink Halo-Halo(2010), Detektib(2010), Ben and Sam (2010) , Baby Factory (2011), Centhury of Birthing(2011)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo (2006), Kwarto (2006), Mga Lunes ng Hapis (2007), Endo (2007), Death in the Land of the Encantos(2007), Melancholia (2008), Adela (2008), Kolorete (2008), Aurora(2008), Ang laro ng buhay ni Juan (2009), Panahon na (2009), Aurora (2009)

TV Series:
Beautiful Girl (2010)

Angeli began her professional theater career as an Apprentice of the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors’ Company, resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. During her time there, she gradually made a name for herself through many productions such as “Rhythm Method” (2003), “Hudhud – An Ifugao Romance” (2004), “R’meo Luvs Dew-lhiett” (2005), and “Noli Me Tangere The Musical” (2005). She represented the group in a collaboration with Japanese theater company Rin Ko Gun/Good Fellows in “Ang Unang Aswang” (2006), one of the selected plays for the production “Philippine Bedtime Stories” performed in Tokyo, Japan. The play was restaged in 2007 and was brought to the Philippines.

Angeli’s first venture as a freelance actress was marked by her portrayal of a young drug-dependent Queen Gertrude in “Hamlet Redux” (2006). She has since continued to turn in remarkable performances, most notably in “Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid Ng Disyembre?” (2009), “Doc Resurreccion: Gagamutin Ang Bayan” (2009), and in “Lulu” (2009).

Her film credits include “Ang Huling Araw Ng Linggo” (2006), “Adela” (2008), the Arte France made-for-tv movie, “Esclaves de Mers” (2009), and “Pink Halo-Halo” (2010). Her first Lav Diaz film, the 9 ½-hour “Kagadanan Sa Banwaan Ning Mga Engkanto” (“Death In The Land Of Encantos”, 2007) was awarded the Special Mention Prize, Orizzonti at the 64th Venice International Film Festival in 2007. In 2008, Angeli was presented the Vic Silayan Award for Best Actress – International Category at the Dekada Cinemanila Awards for her second Lav Diaz film, “Melancholia” (2008). The 8-hour epic was awarded the Premio Orizzonti at the 65th Venice International Film Festival. She was nominated in the 32nd Gawad Urian 2009 for the same role.

Angeli received a Gawad Buhay citation for Outstanding Female Lead Performance for playing Monette (Irina) in Tanghalang Pilipino’s Filipino adaptation of Anton Chekhov‘s Three Sisters, “Tatlong Mariya” (2010). This was her first play under the direction of New York-based stage director and scenic designer, Loy Arcenas, whose works for Tanghalang Pilipino also include the critically-acclaimed plays “The Romance of Magno Rubio” and “Golden Child”. She also played Tentay in Tanghalang Pilipino’s rock musical, “Banaag & Sikat” (2010), under the direction of José Estrella.

She is part of the work-in-progress “The Erotic Human” (2009) by Danish poet and film director, Jørgen Leth. Her recent film is “Graceland” (2010) by Ron Morales.Her film Death of the Land of Encantos won special from Venice filmfest. Bayani won the Best Actress in the 2008 Cinemanila International Film Festival.

3.Cabral, Mercedes 10 August 1986
Independent Short/ Full Length Film(2010-2011):
Captured (2011), Ligo na Ü Lapit na Me (2011), Liberation (2011), The Woman in the Septic Tank (2011)

Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Serbis (2008),Chronicle of Wasted Lives (2009), Butas (2009), Padyak (2009), 1017: Sa paglaya ng aking salita (2009), Kinatay (2009), Ang panggagahasa kay Fe (2009), Latak (2009), Karera (2009), Panahon na (2009), Biyaheng lupa (2009), Ang babae sa sementeryo (2010), Si Techie, si Teknoboy, at si Juana B (2010), Blood Ties (2010),

Mercedes Cabral started her acting debut in independent films and theatre. She stars in Kinatay, the independent Filipino film which won the award for Best Director at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival this year. A darling of the Philippine indie film scene, Mercedes is no stranger to Cannes: She also starred in the Philippine entry Serbis two years ago and won the title of Most Beautiful Actress in Cannes. The freelance model and fine arts student from U.P Diliman certainly deserves the title. She is now doing Hiyas teleserye for ABS-CBN.

4.Calzado Iza
Independent Short/ Full Length Film(2010):
HIV: Si Heidi, Si Ivy at Si V (2010)

Independent Short/ Full Length Film (2009):
Dukot (2009), Bente (2009), Manila (2009), Fuschia (2009)
Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Film Credits:
Pinoy Blonde (2005),Blackout(2007), Mona: Singapore Escort (2007), Batanes (2007), Kusina (2008) , Adela(2008),

Mainstream Films:
Milan, (2004) ,Annie B. (2004), Sabel(2004), Sigaw (2004), Ispiritista: Itay, may moomoo! (2005), Mulawin The Movie(2005), Moments of Love(2006), Eternity(2006), Shake, Rattle & Roll 8(2006), Ouija (2007), Desperadas(2007), The Echo (Hollywood Remake of Sigaw) (2008), One True Love (2008), Scaregiver(2008), Desperadas 2(2008), Sundo2009, Ang Panday (2009), Yaya & Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie (2009) , Working Girls (2010), White House (2010),

T.V. Series:
Click (2001). Kung Mawawala Ka(2001), Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man (2004), Encantadia (2005), Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia(2005), Encantadia: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas (2006), Atlantika(2006), Impostora (2007), Joaquin Bordado(2008), ESP(2008), LaLola(2008), Obra(2008), All About Eve(2008),Encantadia : Arizonia(2009), “All About Eve” (2009), “Kaya kong abutin ang langit” (2009) , Panday Kids (2010), Beauty Queen (2010), I Heart You Pare (2011), Andres de Saya (2011)

Born as Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado, she was named in part for the legendary dancer, Isadora Duncan. Her father is choreographer and TV director Lito Calzado and her mother was the late Irish-Spanish-Filipina, Mary Ann Ussher. Iza’s brother, Dash, is a member of Legit Misfitz, a Pinoy rap group.In the late 1990s, she finished her high school in Miriam College and after which finished her undergraduate education in the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Fine Arts.

Before entering show business, she worked as a dubber. Iza started out as a guest teen star in the now defunct show, Click, which led to further roles. Iza won her first ever heroine role through the soap opera Te Amo with the Argentinean actor Segundo Cernadas.Iza Calzado bagged her original role in The Echo, the English-language remake of Filipino director Yam Laranas’ horror film Sigaw. Calzado will be sharing the screen with Hollywood actor Jesse Bradford, who was last seen in Clint Eastwood’s World War II epic Flags of Our Fathers. Bradford will portray an ex-convict who will get entangled in the troubles of a battered wife, to be played by Calzado. Although she will be reprising a role that won her an Urian Best Supporting Actress award in 2005, she still had to audition. One of her co-stars, Carlos de Leon, asked her if she is Hispanic because of her facial feature. She won Best Supporting Actress for 28th Gawad Urian. On January 18, 2008, Iza Calzado won the Model Star Award from the Korea Asia Model Award Festival.

5.De Castro, Glaiza January 21, 1988
Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2011):
Patikul (2011), I-Libings(2011), Rakenrol(2011), Hula (2011)

Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Twilight Dancers (2006), Still Life (2007), Batanes (2007), Hula (2008), Ultraelectromagnetic Love (2008) , Ang Manghuhula, (2008), Bente (2009), Astig (Mga batang kalye) (2009)

Mainstream Films:
Cool Dudes (2001), Singsing ni Lola (2002), Miss Pinoy (2005), Close to You (2006), Sukob (2006), Manay po (2006), Pacquiao: The Movie •(2006), White Lady (2006), ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh (2006), Mano po 6: A Mother’s Love (2009),Hula (2010/II), Tarot (2009)

TV Series:
“Berks” (2002), “Spirits” (2004), “Ikaw ang lahat sa akin” (2005), “Fantastikids” (2006), “Boys Nxt Door”(2007), “Asian Treasures” (2007), Sine Novela: Kaputol Ng Isang Awit (2008), Gagambino” (2008), “Stairway to Heaven” (200( , “Kung aagawin mo ang lahat sa akin” (2009), Grazilda(2010), Diva (2010), Laff En Roll (2010)

Glaiza is a television and film actress. Glaiza “Aiza” Galura in real life was born on January 21, 1988. She is the sister of Alcris Galura. Dan Alvaro is Glaiza’s uncle.Glaiza likes Playing the guitar, watching TV, reading and swimming. She is a great fan of Hollywood actors Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst, Gael Garcia Bernal. She won New Movie Actress of the year (18th Star Awards for Movies 2001)Glaiza is under the management of DMV Entertainment headed by Manny Valera. This year Glaiza earned nominations from Gawad Urian as Best Actress for Still Life. She portrayed as Binayaan in GMA-7 Amaya.
6. De Guzman JM Sept 9, 1988
Independent Short/ Full Length Film (2010-2011):
Rekrut (2010), The Woman in the Septic Tank (2011)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Last Supper No. 3(2009)

Mainstream Films:
Miss You Like Crazy (2010), My Amnesia Girl (2010)

TV Series:
Midnight Phantom (2010), Kristine (2010), Alyna (2010), Mula sa Puso (2011), Angelito (2011)
Juan Miguel De Guzman in real life born on Sept 9, 1988. Midnight Phantom is JM de Guzman’s biggest TV break in almost a decade, next to a short stint on Ang TV 2 where his batchmates included Shaina Magdayao and Midnight Phantom’s lead actress Denise Laurel. JM was only 14 when he did Ang TV 2(he was known as JM “Butik” De Guzman), but he left the show when he felt that his showbiz career was not going anywhere. He focused on his studies and took up Theater Arts at Dulaang UP.
His theater experience helped improve his acting, and when he felt he was ready to be an actor again, he auditioned and was later cast in the 2009 Cinemalaya film Last Supper Number 3. The indie film was Direk Lauren Dyogi (business unit head of PHR), who found him and asked JM if he wanted to audition for Midnight Phantom. He passed the audition and now stars as the best friend of Rafael Rosell who plays the title role.
He was cast in the new PHR series, Alyna and paired with his Midnight Phantom co-actor, Charee Pineda who has been claimed having Chemistry by the fans.

7.Domingo, Eugene

Independent Short/ Full Length Films: (2010-2011):
Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington (2011), The Woman in the Septic Tank (2011), The Howl & the Fussyket (2001),
Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Tuli (2005), Foster Child (2007), Pisay (2007), Ploning (2008),100 (2008), Biyaheng lupa (2009)

Mainstream Films:
Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin (1998), Pagdating ng Panahon (1998), Tanging Ina, Ang (2003), Malikmata (2003), Volta (2004), Can This Be Love (2005), D’Lucky Ones (2006), Kapag tumibok ang puso (Not once, but twice), You Are the One (2006), Txt (2006), Reyna: (2006), Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 (2006), The Promise (2007), Cute ng ina mo, Ang (2007), Paano kita Iibigin (2007, Apat dapat, dapat apat: (2007), Pasukob (2007), Bahay kubo (2007), Katas ng Saudi (2007), Ikaw pa rin, bongga ka boy! (2008), My Monster Mom (2008), I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) (2008), Desperadas 2 (2008), Ang Nanay kong aswang,(2009), Kimmy Dora (2009), Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi! (2011), Who’s That Girl? (2011), My Valentine Girls (2011), RPG Metanoia (2010), Ang tanging ina mo: Last na ‘to! (2010), Petrang Kabayo (2010), Mamarazzi (2010), Shake Rattle & Roll XI (2010), Nobody Nobody But Juan (2009),

TV Series:
“Sa dulo ng walang hanggan” (2001), “Buttercup” (2003), “Tanging Ina” (2003), “Marina” (2004), “Kampanerang Kuba” (2005), “Kokey” (2007), “Ako si Kim Samsoon” (2008), “Adik sa’yo” (2009), “Ang babaeng hinugot sa aking tadyang” (2009), Inday Wanda (2011), Sa Ngalan ng Ina (2011), Jejemom(2010), Here Comes the Bride (2010), Working Girls (2010), First Time (2010),

Eugene “Uge” Domingo is a theater, television, film actress. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theater arts from the University of the Philippines. Eugene is one of the best comedienne’s in the entertainment industry and succeeded in making audience laugh out loud. Her last theater performance includes Welcome to Intelstar as MA’AM CHELSEA. She has done more than 30 mainstream films. She wants to play character roles for future projects. She is noted on winning the Best Supporting Actress award in the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival and 2008 Gawad Tanglaw. Currently, she is seen in TV5. She won Best supporting actress from Cinemalaya Film Festival for 100 and earned Best Actress nominations from Gawad Urian for Foster Child. Recently she won Best Actress from Cinemalaya Ang Babae sa Septic Tank.

8.Escaño, Perry
Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2011):
Slowfade(2011), Captured (2011), Thelma (2011)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Sitak (2005), Mathew, Mark, Luke and John (2005), Geegee & Waterina(2006), Compound (2006), Siyudad (2006), Butas (2006), Pinoy Postcard (2006), Abadeha (2006), Stop Over (2007), Transition (2007), Elliptical Road (2007), Baliw (2007), Stiryo (2007), Walang Paraiso (2007), Graveyard Shift (2007), Baliw (2007),Ala Suerte Ala Muerte (2007), Sinungaling na Buwan (2007), Ranchero (2008), Magkaibang Direksyon (2008), Jojo (2009), Ded na si Lolo (2009), Ang laro ng buhay ni Juan (2009),Balag(2010),Chronicle of Wasted lives (2010)

Mainstream Film Credits:
Frats (1999), Pinay Pie (2003), Malikmata (2003), Batas Militar (2006), Shake Rattle & Roll 10 (Emergency), Scaregivers (2008), Tarot (2009), Super Inday (2010)

T.V. Series:
Sugo (2005), I Luv New York (2006), Makita Ka Lamang Muli (2006),Agawin Mo Man ang Lahat (2006), Super Twins (2007), Lupin (2007), Zaido(2007), Kamandag(2007), La Vendeta (2007), Kokey (2007), Iisa Pa Lamang (2008),Ligaw na Bulaklak(2008),Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita (2008), Joaquin Bordado (2008), Gagambino (2008), Totoy Bato (2009),Tayong Dalawa (2009), Dahil May Isang Ikaw(2009), Tanging Yaman(2009), Amaya (2011), Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (2011), I Heart You Pare (2011),Immortal(2011), Budoy(2011),May Bukas Pa(2011), Ang Utol Kong Hudlom(2011), Noah(2011)

Perry is an actor for stage, television and film. He finished Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Lyceum University Manila. He earned his professional theater acting workshop with Gantimpala Theater facilitated by Bodjie Pascua and has received his television/film advance and intensive acting training from Ms. Gina Alajar at MOWELFUND. His film credits include Will Fredo’s Compound was an official selection in 2006 Cleveland and Washington D.C. International Film Festival and got nominations from Golden Screen Awards. Perry is also part of Redd Ochoa’s Baliw received special selection in 2007 World film festival in Montreal Canada and Chennai Internatinal Film Festival in India. He has been part of Cinemalaya and Cinemanila films such as Sinungaling na Buwan, Walang Paraiso, Ala Suerte Ala Muerte and Ranchero.

He has portrayed mostly major roles and has done more than twenty professional plays in his theater projects. He is one of the few young actors who can do lead and supporting roles and cross over from theater, television and film. Perry is one of the busiest character actors on television. He appeared on a number of hit teleseryes and drama anthologies in ABS-CBN and GMA-7. Recently he played supporting for two Japanese films entitled Kazuma vs Amusak and Joker The Brilliant. Perry is a freelance actor.

9.Feleo, Ina

Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2011):
Mask(2011), Ikaw ang Pag-Ibig (2011), Deadline (2011), Dalaw(2011), Senior Year(2011), Presa (2011)
Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Endo (2007),Gulong (2007), Sanglaan (2009)

Mainstream Films:
Birhen ng Manaoag (2005), Working Girls (2010), Miss You Like Crazy (2010),

TV Series: “Kahit kailan” (2002), “Kung Fu Kids” (2008), “Ligaw na bulaklak” (2008), “HusHHush” (2008),Dahil May Isang Ikaw (2009), Rosalka(2010), Destined Hearts (2010), Pilyang Kerubin(2010), Noah(2011), Guns and roses 2011

Trina Feleo in real life youngest of two daughters of Laurice Guillen and Johnny Delgado. A writing student at the Ateneo de Manila University, She is a member of Bayanihan Dance company. Thought she would just play a bit role in _Birhen ng Manaoag (2005)) but the endorsement of director Marilou Diaz-Abaya got her the plum role. She won as Best actress for 2007 and 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival for the film Endo and Sanglaan.

10.Galura Alchris

Independent Short/ Full Length Film(2010-11):
I-Libings (2011), Sponsor (2010), Slowfade(2011), Dagim (2010), Rekrut(2010),

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Babae sa Breakwater (2004),Lagusan (2005), Sarong banggi (2005),
Pusang Gala (2005), Batad sa paang palay (2006), Seroks (2006), Endo (2007),Maikling Kwento (2007), 24K (2009), Si Bok at ang trumpo (2009), Heavenly Touch (2009),

Mainstream films:
Magkaibigan (2008), Walang kawala (2008), Tiyanaks (2007), Shake Rattle and Roll 12

Alcris is a film actor. He is the brother of Glaiza de Castro
(Actress). He portrayed a 14-year old Batad Boy “Ag-ap” in the film
Batad, a high school dropout, is forced to sell produce in the Banawe
market to augment whose big dream is to own a pair of nifty sports
shoes in. He bagged the best actor awards from 2006 Cinemalaya Film
Festival and 2006 Golden Screen Awards for his heartwarming
performance in Batad. He also received Best Supporting Actor
nominations from the URIAN for his performances in Mario O’Hara’s
Babae sa Breakwater.

11.Geisler Baron

Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2010):
Donor(2010), Noy (2010)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Durog (2007), Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo (2006), Taxi ni Pilo (2001), Jay (2008), Maximus & Minimus (2009), The Forgotten War (2009), Manila (2009), Padyak (2009),

Mainstream Films:
Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure (1996), Haba-baba-doo, puti-puti-poo!(1998), Mahal na kung mahal (1999), Tar-San (1999), Anak (2000), Jologs (2002), A Love Story (2007), SupahPapalicious (2008), Torotot (2008), Baler (2008), Nandito ako… Nagmamahal sa ‘yo (2009), Kimmy Dora (2009)

T.V.Series: “Gimik” (1996), “Tabing ilog” (2000), “Recuerdo de amor” (2001), “It Might Be You” (2003), “Vietnam Rose”(2005), “Calla Lily”(2006) , “Maging sino ka man” (2006), “Pieta”(2008), Eva Fonda(2008),Tayong Dalawa (2009), “Obra”(2009), “Nasaan ka Maruja?” (2009) , “Kambal sa uma” (2009) , Noah (2011),

Baron Frederick von Geisler is half-German. Baron’s hobbies include painting & writing poetry. Older brother, Donald, is a member of the Philippine taekwondo national team that competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He was launched as a member of the male trio “Koolits” with John Lloyd Cruz and Marc Solis. He won an award for ‘Best Single Performance by an Actor’ in the recently concluded Star Awards for TV (2005) for his performance in ‘Maalaala mo kaya’.He got Best Supporting nominations from URIAN for Anak (2000).In this year he won Best Actor from Cinemalaya Film Festival for “Jay”. Jay was included in 65th Venice Int’l Film Festival, Bangkok and International Film Festival. He won Best Actor for Cinemalaya Donor.

12.Lucero, Sid March 12, 1983

Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2010-2011):
Oasis (2011), Anatomiya ng korupsyon (2011), Captured (2011), Silup (2011), Emir (2010), Paglipad ng anghel (2011)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Donsol (2006), Tambolista (2007), Siquijor: Mystic Island (2007), Tagapagligtas (2007),Tukso (2007), Batanes (2007),Selda (2007), Aurora (2008), Bulong (2008),, Selda(2008), Independencia(2009), (Mga batang kalye) (2009), Sabungero (2009)

Mainstream Films:
Manay Po 2: Overload, Manay po 2: Overload (2008) , Rosario(2010), Shake Rattle and Roll 12 (2010), Miss You Like Crazy (2010),

T.V. Series:
“Krystala” (2004), Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia” (2005), “Prinsesa ng Banyera” (2007), Kokey (2007), Kung Fu Kids (2008), Ligaw na Bulaklak (2008), “Flash Bomba” (2009) ,Dahil May Isang Ikaw (2009), Amaya(2011), Alyna (2011)

Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann in real life. Once in a while, a new face comes along in the entertainment scene that truly catches our attention. The moment we saw Sid Lucero, we knew that he’s got it. And after seeing him act in his very first television drama role, there’s no doubt that Sid will be the next best
young actor of his generation. Sid is being introduced in the much talked about soap opera “Hanggang Kailan,” from GMA-7 and Filmex, Inc. where he is pitting talents against some of the country’s acting heavyweights like Lorna Tolentino and Christopher de Leon. In the soap, he plays a lost young teenage boy who is searching for love and acceptance while in the process of finding himself. If his face looks familiar, it’s because Sid is the son of thespian Mark Gil. The eyebrows, the nose and the piercing look is so very Mark, and from that initial episodes that we’ve seen, the boy has got the same natural intensity and passion like his dad. We learned that his manager Ricky Gallardo of The Talent Factory was
responsible in choosing his screen name. Sid Lucero is the name of the character Mark Gil played in the award-winning Mike de Leon film, “Batch 81,” where Mark was elevated to lead status, and where he met and fell in love with Sid’s mother, the former fashion model and
actress Bing Pimentel.

Sid, together with the other young cast of the soap, had to undergo intensive training in proper acting techniques with workshop director Peque Gallaga before facing the cameras. A quick learner, he says that from the time he started taping, he learned a lot in terms of motivation, delivery and focus, with the guidance of his directors Joey Reyes and Mark Reyes. He won Breakthrough Performance by an Actor for Donsol from 2007 Golden Screen Awards and Best actor from Cinema One Film Festival for Tambolista. Sid Lucero won Best Actor award in the 49-year history of the November 14-23, 2008 Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece, regarding film Selda. This year he got Best Supporting Actor nominations from URIAN for Tambolista and won Best actor from Manunuri for Selda. Sid is under Talent Factory management headed by Ricky Gallardo. He played as Bagani in GMA-7 Amaya.

13.Martin, Coco

Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2010):
Noy(2010), Captured(2010)

Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Pitong Tagpo (2007), Nars (2007), Tambolista (2007), Tirador (2007), Ataul For Rent (2007), “OFW” (2007), “Batanes: Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan”(2007), “Box Office” (2007), Siquijor: Mystic Island (2007),Masahista (2005), Kaleldo (2006), Serbis 2008, Daybreak (2008), “Condo” (2008), Next Attraction (2008), Jay (2008), Biyaheng lupa (2009), Kinatay (2009),

T.V. Series:
Ligaw na Bulaklak (2008), Tayong Dalawa (2009) ,”Nasaan ka Maruja?” (2009), Minsan Lang Kita Iiigin(2010)

Coco is a film and television actor. He has appeared in several TV commercials before breaking into showbiz with his debut film Masahista which won him the Young Critics Circle Best Actor Award in 2006. He also starred in Kaleldo in 2006. He’s the father of a child born on June 3, 2005 by his co-star in the movie Masahista and ex-girlfriend, Katherine Luna. Early in 2007, Coco became an exclusive artist of GMA Network, and appeared in several GMA TV shows starting with “Daisy Siete Season 15”. He is also a member of the boy-group The Studs.He won Best Supporting Actor from Gawad URIAN for Jay. In 2010 he moved to ABS-CBN and became an contract artist of ABS-CBN. He portrayed dual characters in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and won as Best Actor for KBP.

14. Prado Sue Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2010-2011):

Bahay Bata (2011), Thelma (2011), Ganap na Babae (2010),Balag (2010) , Cuchera (2011), Himpapawid (2010), Teoriya (2011), Layang Bilanggo (2010), Elysium (2010)
Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Film Credits:
Abadeha (2006), Isda(2003)
TV Series:
Munting Heredera (2011)

Marissa Sue Prado in real life. Born on May 18, 1981 and studied AB Communication Arts, Theatre major at University of the Philippines Los Banos. She finished her secondary years at Quezon City Science High School. Her first independent short film was Isda in 2003, played the main character in the film. Her interests: Music (different genres), theatre, sports, speculative thinking, television, radio, film, research, literature, reading, traveling, interpersonal and social activities. She also worked as assistant director for Independent films and TV Commercials. Sue Prado is a freelance actor.
15. Ocampo Deither July 19, 1976
Independent Full Length Film (2010-2011):
Slowfade(2011), Sa’yo Lamang (2010), Rakenrol (2011)
Recent Mainstream Films
Mamarazzi (2010), Dalaw(2010)

Recent TV Series:
Guns and Roses (2011), Rubi (2010), Only You(2010), Sabel(2010),

Diether Ocampo, born July 19, 1976, is a Filipino actor and model. He auditioned for ABS-CBN’s talent search in 1996. A year and a half later, he became one of the members of Star Circle Batch II. His first movie appearance was in ‘Calvento Files (1997)’ .
He also dabbles in photography and used to take up classical guitar lessons at the YamahaSchool of Music. But all those activities have taken a backseat to his steadily rising show biz career.
The biggest trade-off of his career, however, is his education. Diether was a second yearphysical therapy student at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite, when he was bitten by the show biz bug. It was his grandmother, who urged him to take up physical therapy. After all, he comes from a family of doctors. His last name is Pascual. It was ABS-CBN Talent Center director Johnny Manahan, who advised him to use Ocampo, his mom’s maiden name. When he was in college, he got interested in music. He formed a garage band with his campus friends and played alternative rock. But it took acting workshops with Peque Gallaga (film director) to hone Diether’s talent, before he became an actor.

Today, Diether, is happy about the way his career is turning out. His show biz earnings are apparently more than enough for him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and provide a better life for his family. Diether has made a smooth transition to the movies. He has appeared in a number of big screen blockbusters in the Philippines.

16.Paras, Joey

Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2010-2011):
Baby Factory (2011), Dance of the Steel Bars(2011)
Previous Years Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Last Supper No. 3 (2009)
Mainstream Films:
White House (2011), I Do (2010), Working Girls (2010),

T.V. Series:
“The Last Prince” (2010), “Ikaw sana” (2009), “Maging sino ka man” (2006), Sinner or Saint (2011), I heart You Pare(2011),

Joey is a theater, film and television actor. He graduated in University of Santo Tomas ’98 with the degree of AB COMMUNICATION ARTS .He worked as Sound Technician in his past films. He plays Didi in Zsazsa Zaturnnah the Musical. His superb performance in Ang Bayot, ang Meranao, at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte got nominations as Best Stage Actor from Aliw Award. He is now active in television and in theater as director. Joey is a freelance actor. He played lead in his independent film Last Supper No. 3 in Cinemalaya film festival won as Best Picture. He also directs theatre plays.

17.Ramos Che

Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2010):
Senior Year (2010), MKAK (2010), Faculty (2010), Off World(2010),

Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Pain Things (2007), Ataul: For Rent (2007), Off World (2009), Mangatyanan (2009), Anacbanua (2009) , Ang beerhouse (2009)

Mainstream Film Credits:
Patient X (2009), I Do (2010),
TV Series:
Good Vibes (2011), Reputasyon(2011),Idol(2010), Obra(2010), May Bukas Pa(2010)

Cheryl Ramos independent film debut is Pain Things by Jon Red. Che is a theatre, television, film actress and print ad and commercial model. She graduated in University of the Philippines Los Baños with the degree of BA Sociology. Daughter of Carolyn Ramos and Roberto Ramos. She likess to read a lot, watching fireworks and being around funny people. She is a Michael Jackson fanatic and loves the movies Say Anything, Pride And Prejudice. Her superb portrayal as lead in Mangatyanan catches the attention of the audience in the recent Cinemalaya film festival held in CCP.

18.Reyes Arnold

Independent Short/ Full Length Films (2010-2011):
The Leaving (2010), Isda(2011), Muli(2010), Senior Year(2010)
Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Films:
Pisay (2007), Huling araw ng linggo, Ang(2006), Kagat ng dilim (2006) Big Time (2005), Condo (2008), Barako(2008), Adela(2008), Imoral(2008), Puntod (2009), Astig (Mga batang kalye) (2009) , Ugat sa Lupa (Roots on Earth) (2009), The Forgotten War (2009), Pera-perahang lata (2009) , Padyak (2009),

Mainstream Film Credits: Luv Text (2001), My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend(2008), In My Life (2009), Karera (2009),My Amneesia Girl(2011)

T.V. Series:
“I Heart Betty La Fea” (2008), Iisa Pa Lamang (2008),”Krystala” (2004), Nasaan ka, Elisa?(2011), Guns and Roses (2011), Reputasyon(2011), Good Vibes (2011), Mara Clara (2011), Kristine(2010), Impostor (2009)

Arnold is a familiar face on television, having done ads for several products like Globe Telecom, Lucky Me, San Miguel and more. However Arnold is not stranger to the world of theater. Credits include Dulaang U.P’s St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos, Hibik at Himagsik nina Viktoria Laktaw and winter’s Tale: Atlants’ Rent, Actor’s Repertory’s Romeo and Juliet and florante at Laura; Gantimpala’s Grethology, Kanser, Sinag and pepe and Pilar; Chase International’s Once on this Island,among Others. He has also produced and composed songs for Regine Velasquez (Perry’s Will), Ogie Alcasid (Hanggang Saan Hanggang Kailan), Born Diva Album (Di Man Lang Nagpaalam), K and the Boxers (Ikaw Lang), Anton Diva (Paano Na), Erik Santos( You and Kung Maalala Mo.) His song Paano Na? won him the siler prize in the 200 Metro Pop Song Writing Festival, and in 2003, his composition Kung Ako Ba siya? Won the Texter’s Choice Award and was a finalist in the first Himig Handog Love Song Festival. Most Recently, Arnold got nominations as Best Stage Actor from Aliw Award for his portrayal Ang Bayot, and Maranao at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakakabagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte. He is now under the management of BackRoom headed by Mr. Boy Abunda.

19.Sese Neil Ryan
Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2010-2011):
Layang Bilanggo (2011),Captured (2011), Tsardyer (2010), Noy(2010)

Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Film:
Mathew Mark Luke and John (2005), Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
(2005), Kubrador (2006), Graveyard Shift (2007), Seroks (2006), Hawang (2007), Huling Pasada (2008) , Sanglaan (2009), Mangatyanan (2009) , Buenavista (Ang kasaysayan ng Lucena) (2010)

Mainstream Films:
Caregiver (2008),Aishite imasu (Mahal kita) 1941 (2004),Beautiful Life (2004), Gatas sa Dibdib ng Kaaway (1999)

T.V. Series: “Pieta” (2008), Prinsesa ng Banyera (2007), Maria Florde Luna (2007) ), Lupin (2007), Asian Treasure (2007), Makita Ka LamangMuli (2006), “Etheria: Ang
ikalimang kaharian ng encantadia” (2005),Sugo( 2005), “Krystala” (2004), “Spirits”
(2004), “Darating ang umaga” (2003), “Buttercup” (2003), “Kay tagal kang
hinintay” (2002), “Basta’t kasama kita” (2002), “Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan” (2001), “Obra” (2009),Tayong Dalawa 2009, The Wedding 2009

Neil is an actor for stage, television and film. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theater arts from the University of the Philippines. From then on, guided by his mentors, he honed craft by taking part in various. To new a few, he appeared in Shakespearean classics such as Othello (Dulaang U.P); Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew (UP Shakespearean Company); Greek classics like Oedipus Rex
(Dulaang UP) and Troyanas (Tanghalang Pilipino), Kanser (Gantimpala) , Laro (Gantimpala) and Asian Drama like St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos (Dulanng UP); Hudhud (TP), Kanjicho (Dulanng UP), Sepharad: Voces de Exilio, Basilia ng Malolos ( UPPT), Orpheus Descending (TP) and Sa Ngalan ng Anak (Dulaang UP) and line producer of the digital film Laya. He is one of the visible character actors on television and the main villain in GMA-&7Munting Heredera.

No.20 Soriano Meryll (Actress) 9 December 1982, Philippines

Independent Short/ Full Length Films(2010):
Immanuel (2011), Donor(2010)

Previous Independent Short/ Full Length Film Credits:
Room Boy (2005), In Da Red Corner (2006), Rotonda (2006), Numbalikdiwa
(2006), Rekados (2006), Boses (2008), Concerto (2008), Ploning (2008)

Mainstream Films:
Lucio & Miguel (1992), Gwapings Dos (1993), Kung kaya mo, kaya ko rin
(1996), Kahit minsan lang (1997), Computer Combat (1997),

T.V. Series:
“I Heart Betty La Fea” (2008), Paalam aking bulalakaw (2008) “Sana ay ikaw na nga” (2002), “Marina” (2004), “Kampanerang Kuba”
(2005), “Super Inggo” (2006)

Meryll is an actor, image model\product endorser, and TV personality.
She started acting on screen through the kiddie’s sitcom “It Bullingit” with other child star performers on ABS – CBN. Although she
is known as the niece of Diamond Actress Maricel Soriano and First child of Wowowee host Willie Revillame. She is better known as a young, bubbly child star who has grown to be a charming, vibrant, talented serious teen actress and performer. She is
part of ABS-CBN’s I Love Betty La Fea and Milk Magic endorser. In 2006 she won as Best Actress in the movie “Roomboy” an entry for
Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and 2007 Best Supporting Actress from Gawad Urian for Rotonda (2006). She has set to prove that she is a true Filipino actress in her own special way. She won Best Actress for Cinemalaya Donor.

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