BOY VILLASANTA WRITES : What is most interesting, if intriguing about the coming film of Mocha Uson  is that she  topbills the role of a wife opposite  a relatively unknown, well-built young  hunk  in his early 20s Zyruz Imperial as her leading man in a cuckolded role of a faithful husband.  Mocha plays a masseuse.

We bumped into Zyruz recently in a showbiz function and we gathered some juicy bits about the person and how he got the most-coveted part as Mocha’s leading man.

BOY VILLASANTA (BV): Who is Zyruz Imperial before “Seksing Masahista”?

ZYRUZ IMPERIAL (ZI) I was taking up Office Management at AMA-ACLC, Pasay City branch and headed a theater group there called Teatro Ama founded by the school President Shirley Gonzales and a business associate of hers   Director George Vail Kabristante. In school  I got into several workshops for theater as a matter of course and on the side I was doing musical gigs solo or with a band including  special performances with an “angklung” ensemble of bamboo musical instrument of which I am a member. I was doing portraits   for a living to support my schooling which was partly funded by a Caritas scholarship.    I was also active in our school paper as cartoonist and feature writer. In fact, while at AMA-ACLC I was already contributing articles for Remate entertainment page with music, etc.  as my beat.  That’s why I was able to join the last show of the PMPC’s “Movie Reporters Got Talent On The Loose” at Zirkoh, Morato, Q.C.

where I  played acoustic music on  guitar and beatbox  with movie reporters Benjie Felipe and Joey Sarmiento. We call ourselves “Presskong Acoustics.”

BV: How did you get the part as Mocha Uson’s leading man?

ZYRUZ: I was told to audition. I hesitated at first because my only experience in film was a walk-on part in the Cinemalaya project “Ang Paglilitis Ni Andres Bonifacio” by Director Mario O’ Hara. But I was told that they (co-directors John  Ad Castillo and Malaysian Director Z. Lokman) had no need for named actors, but  a fresh face with  a theater background because  the film is for select distribution outlets abroad like Latin American countries, Asia including China and Australia. So go!  Against about ten who auditioned, fortunately I got the part and that was it.

BV: How was it playing the role opposite a real pro onstage and TV like Mocha who even played lead in an indie film “Sumpa,” a Cinemalaya entry.

ZI: It was intimidating at first, but Mocha was so supportive of me, and was always telling me through much of our most difficult scenes , “kaya mo yan, kaya mo yan” like that.

BV: What was your daring scene with Mocha?

ZI: There were some in bed, but the most daring one was in the bathroom where we made torrid kissing scene under the shower and we were both wet all over  with me in brief and Mocha in her skimpiest underwear.

BV: Are you still virgin?

ZI: Me virgin, do I look like one? (laughs)

BV: What about with gays?

ZI: Well, in one of those indiscretions perhaps (laughs again).

BV: Seriously, you kind of fast-tracked your career as movie actor by grabbing a leading role in an international co-production yet in such a short time which seldom happens to newcomers. How are you taking it now?

ZI: It was pure luck, gift from God and life-changing as well because I have to make sure my next film would not  be so-so. It’s both a  struggle and challenge I have to put up with for fast-tracking as you said.

BV: Any new film project so far?

ZI: I just finished the Maguindanao massacre -inspired film of Director Jigz Recto “The Road To Ampatuan.”

BV: Your role?

ZI: Almost a lead and above the title. I was the key witness to the massacre of the murder of the husband  of the lead actress in the film Snooky Serna.

I was being hunted down  so I had to put on different looks like that one film of Johnny Depp to evade my killers.

BV: Good luck Zyruz, and congratulations!

ZI: Thank you.

BV: Oh by the way is  Zyruz Imperial your real name?

ZI: No, I was told to change my name from Bernie Villaflor to Zyruz Imperial for reasons of an unlikely feng shuey like that.

BV: Ah ok, fits you though.


By the way, “Seksing Masahista” is produced by a top Malaysian film distributor Joachim Hon.
It is showing on April 6, 2011 at Robinson’sGalleria,Starmall,Cinerama,Gotesco, Remar, Marketplace, and Cebu City.

Lead stars are Mocha Uson and Zyruz Imperial  with  Mocha Grils Mae dela Cerna and Jhane Santiaguel, Rommel Padilla,Ramona Revilla, Z. Lokman, Telly Babasa,Danny Labra,and former “Wowowee” girls Cryze and Glyze Cane.  Check it out. Boy Villasanta



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