Xixi Maturan: Into The Groove.

When you hear a certain music, you’ve got to follow to the beat. When you see where people are comin’, you’ve got to cross the street. When the ocean turns screaming, you’ve got to flow with it. And as the rhythm keeps on hummin’- the groove will pull you in.

Xixi Maturan: Into The Groove.

Xixi contemplates on joining the “groove”…

“I was ready for anything!”, Xixi told this writer in an exclusive interview. “If the director told me to hold ‘that thing’ of my co-actor, I was willing to do it. I will do anything!”

Xixi was referring to his/her comeback movie Taksikab”, directed by Archie del Mundo It is an indie film of sorts, and after almost a decade of absence in the silver screen, Xixi is “into the groove”, once more. Joining the trend. Coz when youre in Rome, do what the Romans do.

“Nervous, no”, Xixi said anew. “But excited, yes. Nung mag-shooting muli ako, I felt na hindi naman ako kinabahan. Handa kasi ako. And I’m glad, maganda naman ang naging feedback sa comeback ko as an actor.”

How did he prepare for  role of LOUIE in “Taksikab”?

XIXI in one poignant scene of his comeback film “Taksikab”, an indie film.

“When I asked direk Archie del Mundo for a role in “Taksikab”, which I actually begged for, I first asked him kung anong klaseng bakla ba ang gagampanan ko sa movie”, Xixi answered. “So I’ll prepare and I can motivate myself. Para alam ko ang specific gay character ko. In the movie, isa akong pa-intelektuwal na bading na may ‘sayad’ sa ulo. And so I ‘became’. When we shot the film, ako na yun.

“The exposure is very short but it must leave a mark!”, Xixi continued. “And I really did my best.”

In case some people may not yet know, Xixi Maturan first appeared in some movies of the late director- Tata Esteban, one of these films was “Alapaap”. It was shot in Baguio and Xixi discovered the love of acting after that. Later on, he was tapped by Boots Plata to appear on ‘BUBBLES&JEREMY’ a month long pre-prog sitcom of EatBulaga (then on RPN 9) where he played  Bubbles’ (Dina Bonnevie) bestfriend. His last film was “Ambisyosa”, directed by Neal Buboy Tan.

“I have a few friends who kept on telling me that they want to see me again on the wide screen”, Xixi further declared. “And it motivated me to resume my showbiz career as an actress. And thanks also to Mr. Robert Silverio who somehow supported me in re-connecting again with my showbiz peers and directing me to the path of young indie filmakers like Archie del Mundo, Sean Lim and Mark Shandii Bacolod.”

But the “groove” doesn’t end in film acting… singing comes along the way, too.

even in singing, XIXI can steal your senses!

On February 11, Friday, Xixi will have a very special Valentine Concert entitled “Unvalentine Me… Xixi Maturan.” It’s going to be a night of great music and performance by Xixi. The venue: Shelter Bar And Cafe, Tagaytay by the Rotunda, accross from E7 Mart, same complex as Ralph’s Liquor and Tonton’s Massage.

“Actually, singing is really my first love”, Xixi said again. “I have been singing since I was a regular entertainer at Maginoo gaybar during the 90s. It’s my passion. Acting is my second one.”

The owner of Shelter Bas And Cafe, Mr. Maurius Violago was so impressed by Xixi’s credentials and P.R. when they had lunch together with this writer and well-known painter Popo San Pascual at Hap Chann restaurant. in Tagaytay.

But more offers are coming-in the way for Xixi. And he has hired a publicist in person of Robert Silverio.

the transformation of  XIXI MATURAN.

“I am so happy nowadays with the outcome of my comeback career as an actress chozzz and a singer, too”, Xixi said in the end. “There’s a new indie film project coming-up, but not so sure yet,.”

Yes, Xixi Maturan is very much into the groove. As he sings, be captivated. As  he acts, be mesmerized. But when he dances? Well, that’s another story to tell. Let a real man comment more on that. Right, Xixi?


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