Not a few raised the proverbial fake eyebrows when the results of the recent MMFF AWARDS night 2010 sank into their guts.  Not a few also were quick to revert negative opinions saying that in award nights are the judges game; whatever they perceive and rule upon is final and the decision made is irrevocable.  Really now.  It is quite interesting to note that an A RATED film (Rosario), did not appeal enough to the judges that they merely gave it a 2nd Best Picture Award; or that its director (Albert Martinez) and lead actress (Jennylyn Mercado) failed to reach the top 3 nomination circle. There were several rebuttals on this noting that in all categories, all were nominated except that they merely nipped the trouble of having to mention a litany of potential non-winners.  Among the most coveted category which is the BEST ACTRESS AWARD; judging drumbeaters reiterated that MARIAN RIVERA, even in a caricature-like characterization of a reluctant superhero showed much bravura and strenght that landed her on the top 3. CARLA ABELLANA’s horrorific opus gave her a so-called revelation tag and of course, another caricaturic/slapsticky/inane acting from AIAI DELAS ALAS, is said to have given acting a different dimension in this festival.  Much less can be said with the twin-win of DOLPHY for both BEST ACTOR and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR… it is a clear homage to the actor and not to his acting.  Afterall, DOLPHY is DOLPHY and he is very old now not to be recognized to the fullest in the industry of make-believe and piper dreams.

As an epitaph to this deadly display of award-giving fiasco; the industry has merely dipped deeper into the dark tanks of reinvention now that INDIE FILMS are giving the mainstream garbage a real run for their life!


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7 comments on “MMFF 2010 AWARDS… BRUHAHA as in FIASCO?

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR AMIBOSHI!!! ok lang yan… kahit wala akong nailuwal sa aking mapiling sinapupunan, lahat ng nais tawagin akong ‘mama’ ay welcome! chozzzzzzz

  2. i really don’t care about the mmff awards as this body is tainted with corruption and winning this kind of award is not an indication that an actor or any person working in movies has achieved a much higher level in perfecting their craft. the sad thing is this has been going for a while in a kind of endless loop and making the movie industry “stagnanT”.

    so let’s give a hand to aiai for winning the best actress given by a festering award giving body.

  3. it reminds me of the scam way back in 1994… hay ewan.

    pero in fairness, maganda ang acting ni Ai-Ai. But for Dolphy, napanood ko yung Father Jejemon and I can say is… wala lang.

    mukhang pa-konswelo lang ang natanggap ni Mang Pidol na best actor kasi malapit na siyang mag-retire.

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