In the mid-‘60s up to the ‘70s, Vic Vargas was one of the handsomest and sexiest actors in Philippine cinema. He was paired with the country‘s loveliest actresses in romance-drama, sex, action, comedy and period films. One of his early films was Prinsipeng Tulisan opposite Josephine Estrada, produced by VP Pictures, sister company of Sampaguita Pictures, where he started his career as a contract star.

In the mid-‘70s, his tandem (on and offcam) with 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz excited the whole country. They first co-starred in Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa, which started the so-called wet-and-wild look.

Vic Vargas won a Best Actor award in Ishmael Bernal‘s El Vibora at the 1972 Manila Film Festival. He merited an Urian nomination (Best Actor) in Lino Brocka‘s In This Corner (1982). In the mid-‘80s, he starred in the monumental Lahi sa Lahi, shot on location by Eddie Romero in China. The film traced Filipino-Chinese relations before the Spanish time.    — RKC

eKLAvUMER’s Notes:  I had a personal encounter with Vic Vargas sometime in 1996 in Coron , Palawan.  He had a cameo role in film that I was working with and since I did the wardrobe, we always chatted and he even would treat me to dinners and lots of stories.  Vic Vargas was definitely a gentleman and one great actor to ever cross Philippine screens.  I asked him about the rumor regarding the possibility that he was Tonton Gutierrez’ father since the semblance they had was quite uncanny.  He vehemently denied of having had an affair with Lizzie (Liza Lorena) , but he said they were very good friends.  He had lots of fun stories regarding his affair with Gloria Diaz, admitting that indeed the former Miss Universe was ‘obssessed’ with him then.


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