Politics is not alien territory to Alfred Vargas, one of the four actors (the others are Ara Mina, Roderick Paulate and Glenda Garcia) in a field of 45 candidates for the five council seats in the second district of Quezon City.

“I had my first taste of politics when I was in Grade 3 in Ateneo where I studied from prep to college,” revealed Alfred who’s running with the SB (Sonny Belmonte) Team, with incumbent Q.C. Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista as mayoral bet and Joy Belmonte as running mate, on the local level and supporting Presidentiable Gibo Teodoro of the administration’s Lakas-Kampi-CDM. “I ran for sergeant-at-arms. From grade school until college, I was an official in the student government,” added Alfred who graduated with a degree in Management & Economics.

That answers questions from those not-in-the-know why Alfred willingly put on hold showbiz work in favor of a shot at an elective office.

In the two months that he has been on the campaign trail, gaining not just pounds (15 so far) but more followers, Alfred said that he has learned one thing — “The simplest folks are the happiest folks. I envy them.”

He also found out what the two most pressing problems in Q.C.’s second district are: “informal” settlers (yes, squatters) and unemployment.

After the elections, Alfred plans to take up a private (meaning one-on-one) crash course in Public Administration and start shooting the indie film Ang Paglilitis ni Bonifacio, to be directed by Mario O’Hara for Boy Abunda’s company. Also starring Coco Martin as Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the film will be shown in this year’s Cinemalaya in which Boy’s company’s first venture, Astig, won for GB Sampedro the Best Director Award.

Taking time out from the back-breaking campaign, Alfred sat over lunch last Saturday at 8 Spices with some movie reporters.

Instead of further talking politics, Funfare did “sexy talk” with Alfred so his fans will not forget that, besides being a politico, he’s first and foremost a sexy drama actor.

“When do I feel sexy?” asked Alfred. “When I am confident. If smart is sexy, so is confidence.”

• Sexiest Musical Instrument: Saxophone or violin.

• Sexiest Song: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.

• Sexiest Book: Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, which is about a prostitute and her experiences.

• Sexiest Movie: Bridal Shower (which he did for Seiko Films, playing a macho dancer).

• Sexiest Part of His Body: Chest (“It protects my heart”).

• Sexiest Part of a Woman’s Body: The buttocks.

• Sexiest Billboard: The Walker Underwear featuring…who else?…Alfred Vargas (“Did I wear padding? No, I did not”).

• Sexiest Face: Marian Rivera (“In Darna costume”).

• Sexiest Dress: Bodyfit jeans, tight-fitting denims.

• Sexiest Perfume: Creed.

• Sexiest Food: Chocolate.

• Sexiest Time of Day: Sunset (“Not only sexy but romantic”).

• Sexiest Movie Scene He Has Ever Seen: “Sharon Stone parting her legs in Basic Instinct.”

• Sexiest Scene He Has Ever Done: “My love scene with Cherry Pie Picache in Bridal Shower.”

• Sexiest Magazine: FHM.

• Sexiest Part of the House: Bedroom.

• Sexiest TV Show: Sex and The City.

• Sexiest Flower: Rose.

• Sexiest Fantasy: “Making it 37,000 feet above sea level — up in the air!”

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