The come backing Raven Villanueva has got her flight thoroughly planned, turbulence be damned!

People tend to look at life in two ways. First, through a looking glass of memories and faded photographs. Hindsight magnifies everything into solemn grandiosity and sentimentality vies everything a story, albeit not a very good one sometimes.

The other is through mirrors of flight, where everything becomes an apparition—or an illusion, depending on your level of intoxication. All you can and want to do, really, is to smile and say hey. If you’re lucky, you might be able to stay for a cig or two and share a five-minute laugh. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice yourself changed by these floating occasions, too.

Returning babe Raven Villanueva goes for the mirror thing. Not one to be held down by sentimentality, Raven puts the past aside as she currently enjoys the fun-run she is on, “Mas enjoy ako sa buhay ko ngayon,” the newly single Raven informs us about going out on gimmicks and doing the dating scene. Why be bogged down with baggage disguised as memories when you can go out and have fun?

We tell you, throw away any remaining memories of Raven playing Chris on TGIS and enjoy her splashing comeback. Throw away those so-called looking glasses and mirrors, even. There’s no other way to enjoy these photographs than with admiration and awe.

Hey, you welcomed our invite with such energy. Thank you!

Oo, it’s about time! Parang ang tagal ng follow-up since my appearance in 2001. So sabi ko, ako na. Aalukin ko na ang sarili ko! Ha ha ha!

That’s confidence.

Yes, I lost weight. Before, when I was just starting out nahihiya talaga ako.

You were also so much younger.

Wag na nating isulat yan. Basta secret. I won’t say my age, ha ha ha!

How has life been?

I just finished a digital film entitled Troika. That translate to “threesome.”

Oh, and?

For a change, hindi ako nag-sexy rito. I play a reporter who just followed what happened in the story. We shot the film in Baguio . I don’t know when it’ll be released but I’ve seen the trailer. It’s an independent film so I think it might not even be release commercially.

Does this signal a comeback?

Right now, wala akong permanent soap or anything. Pero guestings pa lang, talk shows, and game shows. So right now, I’m trying to manage new talents. Trying pa lang kasi ang sakit sa ulo! Ha ha ha! I have three talents that I co-manage with Viva but it’s kind of hard because if they don’t want to do the project or something, that’s it. I really have to look for talents who are really desidido.

Do you want to pursue behind the scenes, then?

Okay lang sa akin. I’m still interested in show business, but I have a lot planned. Meron pang plans na iniisip ko pa lang.


Right now, managing talents muna talaga. But it’s hard pala. Hindi kagaya ko noon na when they tell me to go, punta talaga ako.

Is settling down soon one of your secret plans?

Ay, no naman. Kaka-break lang nga, wala na kami ng boyfriend ko. He’s not an artista. Wala kasi siyang time for me.

So now, what kind of men are you looking for?

Wala lang. I’m just enjoying sight-seeing muna. Ha ha ha! May mga pinapakilala pero yung iba hindi ko gaanong type. May iba na type ko rin, but let’s see. Tignan natin kung hanggang saan nila kayang manligaw.

The last time we talked you were a pretty tough girl to please. Are you even tougher now?

Wala nang effect ang mga bola ng lalaki sa akin ngayon! Alam na alam ko na kung nambobolo lang sila or what. Na-i-intimidate sila sa akin, especially if they’re from show business.

Do you often initiate?

If I like the guy, ako ang dumadaldal. Sila, madalas natatameme. So far, the ones I’m introduced to are quiet. Tapos malalaman mo na lang sa friends na he likes you pala. Then when you’re together, wala pa ring masabi.

What ticks you off?

I hate it when they ask you, “Kumain ka nab a?” Especially through text! Di ba natural na kakain ka? Parang wala na silang matanong. Mas maganda yata it they ask me out. Ha ha ha!

You’ve been in the business for a while now but people still can’t let go of your TGIS Image.

Sinasabi nga ng friends ko, kahit saan ako magpunta, Raven Villanueva ka pa rin. Kilala ka pa rin.

But is it still the same Raven that we know from way back?

Of course I’ve changed. I used to be super mahiyain and quiet and not fun. Ngayon, nakakatawa na ako, kahit kaunti. Ha ha ha! I can’t relate to the old Raven anymore.

Was there a particular incident that really changed you?

Siguro it comes with age. The first time I posed for FHM, mahiyain pa ako noon. Ngayon, feeling ko maganda ako.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I don’t know. At home, it’s music. I like to dance at home, in front of mirrors. Ito ang aking big revaltions. Ha ha!

Oh, naked?

Hindi pa naman.

Sounds like you have that planned.

Ay, medyo mahirap yun. Ibang sayaw yun.

Are there particular things that you regret doing?

Yes. The clothes I used to wear-di ba nung TGIS days, uso yung retro clothes and platform shoes na outrageous talaga. Sa guys, may regrets na, “Yuck! Nag-date kami noon!” Ha ha! Maraming ganun.

Well, do you still see them?

During kids’ birthdays na lang.

My, you’ve really changed?

Oo, dati kakagatin ko dila ko para cool lahat. Before, hindi rin ako puwedeng mag-boyfriend. Bawal yun so naka-shelter ako sa bahay ko. After I gave birth, after the separation, I became free. I really enjoyed life when I was around 21 years old. It’s more fun now.

It seems aging’s doing you good.

Yes. If you look at our old pictures, parang ang chaka, di ba? Hindi kami nag-aayos. Ngayon lang ako talagang nag-ayos, nag-lose ng weight. My friend and I were talking about this. Kung kalian kami tumanda, tsaka kami gumanda.


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