The controversial Katrina and Hayden sex video?


“Nakakaloka ang video!!!” screams scriptwriter Mel del Rosario.

“That’s hot. She’s a big teaser,” puns Syato bassist and chief songwriter Yugel Losorata, quoting a line from the Beatles song “Day Tripper.”

“Kaloka! They’re high on drugs,” observes publicist Duds Santiago.

“Oh my gosh! Have others seen it na?” “Umagang Kayganda” showbiz reporter Ginger Conejero asks in disbelief that the controversial sex video has finally surfaced.

But “I Am Woman” director Calvin Neria gives the simplest comment with the strongest impact, “One word—HOT!”

The comments actually swing to opposite ends.

There are the usual disbelievers. In-the-know and hard-to- please Isah Red, Manila Standard Today entertainment editor declares, “No such thing.”

Director Boots Plata dismisses it as fake, “Iba napanood daw ni Tita Lolit (Solis). Blow job daw.”

But the video gives some sort of relief that the Katrina and Hayden sex video has been found. STAGES publicist remarks, “OMG, U got hold of it?”

Actress Lani Mercado finds some sort of irresponsibility in releasing the video, “Naku Edgar nagbalikan na Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden.” At least she says the truth about the Vicki and Hayden relationship which son Quark Henares is still in denial.

However, there was a general sense of acceptance. Photographer Edward dela Cuesta cuts the issue clean, “Nude! Oh I got to see it.”

ABS-CBN public relations guy Benjie Bautista did not hide his interest, “I’m watching it.”

And vet, food blogger and Cook magazine contributor expresses relief, “Tagal na naming inaantay.”

But a don’t-publish-my-name entertainment journalist who is fair and informed gives the most educated assessment, “Nakita ko na. Wala naman pala sila ginagawa kundi sumasayaw, sex video na yun? Di kaya kampo rin ni Hayden nagpadala noon para pag-usapan ulit siya? Bastos siya kasi nandadamay pa siya di pala siya kakawala kay Vicki. May sakit ba tawag doon?”

The Daily Tribune entertainment columnist Edsel Lorete proved correct, “Is it graphic? Baka puro hissing and kissing lang yan.”

If by graphic means doing the act of sex, then it’s not. The closest to sex was when the tight-fitting undie Hayden touch his front. Did he do that because it has been misplaced by too much gyrating or he’s trying to stifle a hard-on? The video does not tell.

But it does reveal three things: Katrina’s shapely body oozes with sex, her gift for gyration and Hayden’s talent for singing. He might as well end up in the Guinness for the best performance of “Careless Whispers” while wearing a head scarf. Harharhar!

STIR asked you to decide for yourself if the video is the controversial Katrina and Hayden sex video. This writer thinks it does not show everything as if it has been spliced.

Our anonymous sender got it from a website of sexy Asian women. It’s as if Katrina and Hayden are rehearsing for a sing and dance performance. I strongly suspect it was for the first season of “Celebrity Duets” where Hayden competed in 2007. Upon checking it out, my hunch proved correct. It was the number they did.

But a serious question that needs to be answered. Why were Katrina and Hayden almost naked? Did the rehearsal turned into a seduction that made them commit the sex act? They can easily do that as they were alone. What would stop them from giving in the body heat of the moment?

When I was told me about the video, I expressed disinterest thinking it was something like a star sighting footage of Hayden and Vicki Belo at the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM Grand Hotel. STIR had reported their reconciliation, even calling them as f___ing friends since Vicki denies they are romantically linked.

Viewing it made me think there could be several sex videos that made Vicki loose her cool, trash boy toy Hayden and causing him to stage a suicide attempt. There’s no sex act. The controversial video only shows heads of talking people. It’s definitely far from what Lolit described as Katrina giving Hayden a blow job. But Lolit’s not a credible witness, owing to her well-publicized history of playing with the truth.

But the Katrina-Hayden video is stirring enough so you got to see it. But talk of their video having surfaced has been buzzing in the metro for sometime now. That STIR showed you which the other entertainment websites would consider unfit for a wholesome content! But smut is in the mind of the one seeing and/or hearing it as the great pop philosopher Joey de Leon insists.

If this is not the controversial Katrina-Hayden sex video or it’s only a part, STIR swears to put it up in VIDEO for you to see. We might blip or pixelize the graphic part but we’ll show it just the same when we find it. We’ll keep on STIRring so you keep agitated!

edgar o cruz/

EKLA VUMER says:  “This is a johnny-come-lately video, anyone who would be interested to watch it is sick somewhere since it totally has no perceived relevance whatsoever.”

One comment on “The controversial Katrina and Hayden sex video?

  1. Napanuod ko naman yung video at sabi nga sa ending ulitin nila yung practice nila. Practice lang talaga yung nasa video ewan ko lang pagkatapos ay iba na ang nangyari. Binibigyan lang ng malice dahil nakabikini si Katrina at si Hayden nakabrief (???) lang pero ordinary na lang naman yang pagsusuot ng ganyan.

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